Programming Methodology Course Outline

CS:OOP Object-oriented programming methodology!

CS:OOP Object-oriented programming methodology!

Haha! And we met again,The ten milk to give us a newProgramming Course

This is the syllabus before programming methodology,I was very glad to do so a decision to throw in outline here:) Although the end of the course,But a separate reading this outline is a good choice,I will go back based on this update it,To accommodate the new live version of the programming methodology -


The courses weAlreadyWith Karel This famous little robot as the breakthrough point,Karel solve the problem by teaching the process to become familiar with the programming development of thinking,Lets you quickly enter "Ape state program”。


At this stage we learn Karel Environment,Karel and simple grammar,Karel programming using syntax,Object-oriented concepts to understand a little。Due to the simple syntax Karel、Keep track,And direct feedback,So it can help you focus on the content itself rather than programming syntax and API of the top,learnConsideration AlgorithmResolution problemAnd other programming in development of part of the soul。

Course Outline


  1. To Karel transfer instructions
  2. Under the panel to talk about things
  3. Through practical learning problems Karel
  4. Through practical problems in learning Karel
  5. Practical problems under study by Karel
  6. Questions after class to explain:Acquaintance classes and inheritance
  7. Let Karel calculation
  8. School exercise explanation
  9. Bye Karel


In object-oriented part,Our simple terms to understand object-oriented concepts,Will be in Swift 2.0 Language-based,Chestnuts do do with Mac app demo。The whole course is Apple's official preview Swift 2.0 Language manual basis,With《Head first Java》This book OOP Theory Center to explain。

So,Courses were part of the code may or chestnuts borrowed from "Head first Java" book。

Course Outline
  1. Our test environment and has shown signs of OOP
  2. Guess the number game:An object of the class difference
  3. Stored value and reference
  4. Computed properties and packaging
  5. It's not what you think:A program website
  6. Recalling once again:Inheritance
  7. In the end how to do:"A" and "a"
  8. Polypeptide? Polymorphic!
  9. customize:override!
  10. protocol:Allowed instantiated class and method must be rewritten
  11. "Fatal square":Multiple inheritance and protocols
  12. "Stack":In the end what is heap,What is Zhan
  13. Initializer
  14. Lifetime:Automatic Reference Counting
  15. Static methods and static properties
  16. Always given:Exception Handling
  17. Generics


Now,I was ready to talk about the content,The name of the course should be able to display the contents of the course about。Due to time,I was not able to analyze in depth the details of each concept behind it - but I think even if I did you would not like to go to ......

In short,This directory is only a rough outline of the current,Specific course name and classroom Sort prevail。


Version History

2015On August 2 to remove the basic grammar review this lesson,I have finished the lesson plans,And then I found nothing to talk about ...... Also add the first lesson lesson plans Portal。

2015-08-08 Swap initialization and GC positions。

2015On December 17 turned out again,He changed the name under,To prepare for the live courses。













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