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Early in the 1970s,Stanford University graduate Rich Pattis think if we make the novice programmer in a relatively complex programming language,,Comparatively simple learning environment,Will contribute to the programming language teaching。This simple environment characterized by a variety of programming languages ​​from abstraction。So he designed such a program environment,Allow students to teach a robot to solve simple problems。This robot is Karel,It is named after a Czech writer Karel Capek, His sci-fi drama, in its 1921 R.U.R.(Rossum’s Universal Robots)He invented the "Robot" word。

This robot invention was a great success,It is used nationwide computer courses,Rich e-book sold more than a hundred thousand copies。Stanford CS106A generations of students started to learn programming by Karel。

But it did not last long,201990 mid-year,We are using the simulator Karel kneeling,Stanford rushed to upgrade Karel,But one year after the course switched to Java,Karel had once again kneeling。

later,Finally, there has been the realization of Java version,It is fully compatible with the Eclipse environment!


Brother Karel according to the basic rules,Swift then implements a version of Karel,Although the program is relatively simple ...... ah,At least really run up ~

For my own use Swift 2 Wrote a rudimentary Karel Robot


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