How OS X crash reports appear in the notification center

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For advanced developers or other areas for Mac users,Frequent crashes app pop-up windows crash reports "App quit unexpectedly" tawdry,OS X had interrupted work flow。A long-standing solution is to OS X in fullClose crash report dialog,In addition to,These crash report dialog was thrown into the Notification Center may not[……]

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OS x hide desktop card reader icon


Retina MacBook Pro No longer with the CD-ROM drive,So we naturally can not add more hard drives to a computer。And,Because Apple uses PCIE SSD,So the hard disk capacity is also limited by the cost of,From the previous mass,Into a high-speed。

Fortunately,Apple reserves the SD card reader。Such,We can buy a SD card to expand for their Mac[……]

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Using the open source version of Swift

Swift is already open source version 2.2 The,However, with respect to 2.1 No particular improvement。Swift now supports OS X and Ubuntu,Supported on Ubuntu 14.04 and 15.10 Two versions,You canThis pageDownload the latest version compile(There is no official stable version)Now I will talk about how to use it on both platforms。[……]

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Why UNIX systems, such as the hidden directory to point at the beginning?

we all know,in Windows Hidden folders are invisible,They some system files,While others arevirus。If you have to display words,After warning system,You can be in the form of semi-transparent folder to see this folder,Systems in order to identify a folder is hidden,It has a "-s"Properties,Protected by the system。

So a lot of people are new to Linux、OSX,Will be very[……]

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