WordPress how to use pseudo-static open the CNAME CDN ​​acceleration

Some time ago,Off the grid has been to use WP Super Cache's CDN functionality with seven cattle do CDN cache acceleration,Use good。Wandering off the grid has been using space provided by the host,Now four years,Space also moved from the west coast of Hong Kong,Now wandering out of their own CDN service,of course,Just internal use,But I was the first time joined the。

but,And two of those sites provide external domain different,The domain name off the grid just got out of a CNAME,Just need to own the domain name resolves to a given domain can accelerate cloud。Fool a button to complete the operation。

Here, I briefly talk aboutCNAMEWithA class of analytics difference,DNS learned friend must know that it is the role - not thatThe domain name and IP address correspondWell - yes,This isA class of analyticFeatures。Now,CNAMEResolution will not directly correspond to the IP address of the domain name,Instead, DNS to function on another domain。

For chestnuts:A visit B domain,The B domain using CNAME domain name resolves to the C,C then A will again request the IP address of the domain name,A final although got C's IP address,But it still will think this is the IP address B thus access。

Of course,The C domain is the cloud acceleration,As a result,,A visit is actually standing in the clouds of the mirror B,And isA recent data on the distance of a node

Then say so much,And today we talk about the theme of how to do with it? The relationship is still very large,Figure out what you want,similarSeven cattleThat way is peace of mind to turn cdn,forWordPressKind of blog system,All get a plug-in,Seven cattle there rules you do not control,Here rules,Plug-In。

but,Once you've usedCNAMESuch analytical wayOpen CDN? Then you have to think about businessCDN rulesThe,Because this rule is that you generally can not be controlled,Then it means that your website data is peremptorily children throwing Cloud,Let people choose which cache,What are not cached。

So the question is,If I opened the pseudo-static,For cdn for,It is not static?

See the figure:

Note the cache file format

Note the cache file format


It is clear,sinceCamouflage static,Then there must be people outside the static! Most CDN factHtml static pages are cachedof,Then congratulations,Pseudo-static pages your site has all floating on a cloud - If you have good quality CDN,Then you can enjoy the web page in seconds apart effect,of course,Any updates、Modification, etc.,AlsoWait 12 hoursThe(Depending on the setting of business,Generally Duan Bule。)

You see me refresh time is 12 hours it

You see me refresh time is 12 hours it

Check it out,This is really a sad story!

So,Want the perfect way to use this cloud acceleration,We have to make some necessary changes in policy and。

1、Close pseudo-static。

I would not choose this option,Pseudo-static for three years,Nima off it would mean that all 404 search engines? ! But really I did,Then you will not need to care about this issue。

2、Modify the rule。

if it is possible,The change caching rules,Remove cached html page,This is the most perfect of。But not everyone is open to know the rules of privilege,For example, off the grid here。

3、Using a second-level domain。

Yes, that's right,If you can,Then create a dedicated second-level domain,And then bind it to resolve the CNAME CDN,And then use theWP Super CacheThe CDN domain name will feature all of the static files to switch to the second level domain under,As a similar effect and is almost seven cattle that CDN。

This way you can also turn on www domain namecookie free

but,This way I have not practice,Feasibility much,Be verified。

All right,As a result these days is off the grid research,In short,The third method is currently no test,By now there's communication to cdn,They have done a html rule for the cache is no longer off the grid,Unfortunately Could not open cookie free Hey。

Oh, right,If you do not try Method Three,Then you should look at CDN will your WP Super Cache cached page to float on clouds,Because this pageAlso in HTML formatof。

You see,Or html

You see,Or html

At last,What is a cookie free? I will detail in another article。


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