Experience the official version of Deepin 2014.2

Last article we talked about fragmentedThe official version of Deepin 2014.2 virtual machine installation experience,Then there is the experience of reporting time,Because just installed,Talk about a feeling of it to get started,Then feel after long-term use of the route to see the situation reported good。

On the back said we just adjust the resolution,Then the system will pop-up update,Point to open a look,I found this

I do absolutely nothing?
I do absolutely nothing?

I opened the QQ try next,The results waited a long time,Find:"I rely on,Really opened,Or win version! "for safety,I did not dare Login,Then shop "system upgrade" tab of the more out of this,Not possible to fix,Tips words are "The reason for this may be the local dependency has been damaged。”

The problem is ...... you'd give a "Repair" button ah,This is common sense please! Nima behind a prompt "no longer remind" Let me point,You tell me,This means that it does not need to be concerned about! ! !

So I had to click on the Do not remind。

Meng Meng da
Meng Meng da

The comment prompted Meng Meng da,But ...... Update button Where? !

=。But =,After clicking the "Do not remind me," We finally know,The original phrase somehow prompted to say "sorry not updated。。。”

The system takes high
The system takes high

It shows once again,This experience is the experience in the virtual machine,The official also said Deepin in a virtual machine which will reduce the experience,I have to say so ............,Running to the two cpu,4GB virtual memory machine,I turned the fan whirring turn mbp,I say 16G memory i5 how to open two Windows virtual machine without heat, okay? ! Standby ah! Is firmly stand ah! To optimize virtual machine will die? ? ? ?

Ok,Tucao end,In short the machine is very hot now,And then on a host of occupation。

No power,Are idle idle ah!
No power,Are idle idle ah!

I stand on this level are also drunk。

Ok,The update does not solve the problem that I am really not carry on,Had resorted to magic --apt-get! I used the command to update good! ……Ok,Updates directly to skip,I take care,So be it……

Small fresh dock bar
Small fresh dock bar

Icon in the dock of what is good fresh ah,Small intimate function due to the virtual machine can not display is a black,For example, the volume and USB device manager like。

Starter content illogical
Starter content illogical

Starter and looks like a native GNOME that far? Can not remember,It touches a lot like Apple's Launchpad,but,It does not support folders,so ...... everything chaotic scattered inside,Want to open an application? Great feeling kind Taobao。

New performance,Control panel all in the sidebar
New performance,Control panel all in the sidebar

The design looks very praise,As for it is good to be tested,But the interface design quite stick,All functions configured on the sidebar sidebar glance,Easy,It should be a plus point。

Other,In the Deepin,There is also a window similar effect in Windows,For example, dragging the edge to about half of the screen is automatically enlarged to,The top is of course a full-screen ......,Experience moving in a virtual machine,I do not know the real machine which is smooth。Anyway function is there,great。

Good music with depth up,Almost cool dog with subtitles,Thumbs up。

The main natural good
The main natural good

The magic of "A"

Can anyone tell me why every cut will come in to check the monitor? Ok,Often with multiple screens I know at least that's what the display with resolution of ...... but ...... do not so automatic it!

A mysterious
A mysterious

And also,Store function well,After a click on the banner 360forLinux3.0 installed on the crashed ......

Well done。

Ok,Route I really do not go black。。。。

but,In general,Deepin do is great,He did the subtraction can not do a lot of Linux desktop distribution of the installation process,The ugly painful to watch as long as the installation interface do step 4,The ugly default boot screen did look good。

He put unprecedented control panel moved to the right sidebar,Only need to gently move the mouse to the lower right corner, you can quickly set the entire operating system;

He made numerous original content to make Linux so easy to use。The entire process of using said it considered the combination of Mac and win the,In general,If you follow the cost of learning to calculate it,I am afraid that will be transferred from the Mac easier。

360Wps and even more powerful presence make Deepin,But built-WPS,Can it also built a 360? Other,Since the built-in WPS,If you should find a way to avoid built-in fonts associated WPS error when you start it? People can not help feeling this software is so readily thrown to not even tuned ......?

but,Although QQ escalation let my first impression of poor Deepin,But experience is very good after landing,In addition to the cpu continue to soar。Really hard to imagine that there is no difference and win the next use,Even advertising can be a perfect show! Well, I'm going to see a crossover in the Mac。

Ok,Briefing the whole experience so be it,Although at first black more,But I also made a summary behind,Do not call me on the excellent Kua。Are written side by side,This is also my Deepin 2014.2 The official version of a cognitive process slightly ~

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Yes。For three years I did very little use of Linux,On the one hand is the code learn how to use the xcode,OSX hand is almost the same content can also provide a terminal function;
It is probably the only time of need with kali or cube or something ......
Recently depth of the Linux desktop distribution fights Tinghuo I wanted to give it a try
- The conclusion is wanted for everyday use,There are even a little bit of distance from the rain forest wind startOS,Not to mention the two giants。

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