Initialization OpenWRT configuration tutorial series

OpenWRT is a very powerful system! I,As a small white OP,Research journey began ...

First, look for installation,Topology as follows

Untitled 1

ONWhat is the first boot configurations are not,So,First boot the computer with a network cable connectionONofROLLINGmouth,Then it will automatically get a192.168.1.0/24ofIPaddress,Because it is the initial configuration,YesNoWEBpage,So we can onlytelnetUp。



Untitled 2

This is our first contact withONInterface,The picture is very simple,At the very top we set a promptSSHPassword,becauseSSHratiotelnetSafety,So the first thing we should alsoSet up aSSHpassword

Untitled 3

As FIG.,Use the command passwd to set a password to ssh。

Then,I log on to a more secure protocol to connect to ourON,As shown below

Untitled 4

Click the Connect button after,Just enter the password using the passwd command set,log in

Untitled 5

Untitled 6

Such,We also see the familiar interface。At this point,End of the initial configuration OP。

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