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ShadowSocks build servers on vps


now,With gfw upgrade we need more and more scientific grounds Internet,But the most common VPN speed is getting slower and slower because of interference,For now,SS is a good alternative to。Now that you have your own vps,You may wish to use it to give yourself easily build a server SS。


Since the routing system is Ubuntu vps,I will be using the command on Ubuntu[……]

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What is VPN?

Before routing wrote aboutHow to quickly build pptp VPN based on vpsArticles,But it seems there are still many people do not know exactly what that VPN,Then this article I am 818 devoted to the VPN in the end is what!

Speaking VPN,We still want to talk about the 1990s,Then this concept can not VPN,Companies to the Internet,To purchase a dedicated line (Line relates to the content of my[……]

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Another new public NS,Domestic 114DNS

I remember when the blog I wrote just created aGoogle's public NSFor everyone,That which describes the utility of Google NS,Internet can be said that science must-ns

But under normal circumstances,Perhaps because of this ns itself from the wall bars,There will be all kinds of trouble in most cases,This time again send out a new domestic public ns


Security Insecurity,I say not,But say,Used to[……]

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Internet taught you Science Series IV:Pretty smart PAC!–Flora

I believe a lot of cheese have seen we write"You taught science Internet Series"We have been able to maneuver and handy inside and outside walls。But you have not found what I wrote there aSmart pacs things? This thing is flawed (At least I think so uh),You use this stuff comes fromautoproxy2pac,It is a precise record of the database by a wall site,Maintained by countless volunteers,Website collects rely entirely on network[……]

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Science taught you access Series Three:MAC OS X 篇

In fact, they are the focus of this,Other,In os x is a graphical interface under oh ~

All right, Direct lecture。

First of all,to hereDownload SourceThis software is calledGoAgentX,It is designed for use on OS XgoagentOh user-developed

of course,Compile need to use Xcode,Since most of the cheese and do not download the software giant,I translated well for everyone,Using Xco[……]

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Science taught you access Series II:windows platform configuration chapter

Hi, everybody,We have already registered a good appid,Why not set the 16-bit code it? Because we really need is not so much security,Anyway, your Google account is not used to do secret things chant! In short,I did not get。Haha

All right,Now,Let's configure your pc computer online。

First of all,To download the required files。The official word isHereThe stable version is 1.8.4,If you can not open the case,[……]

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Taught you how to access one of the series of science:Register appid

Today, I may be too tempting for all hair in the state,Everyone made me ask questions of science online。。so,I will be finishing the tutorial! In fact, this is not a highly technical is no secret,On the contrary,I use this method or methods on the network Tinghuo。As for the principle,It is based on GAE application,You can refer to this chart to understand。(Click for larger image)



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How about the perfect bridge at mac-lion

There are a few days to start saying mbp,终于算是琢磨出一些门道来⋯⋯不过总的来说比windows好用不少哈哈,起码特效好看的多呀⋯⋯

Keke,I do not know by what means are used to bypass the win,Andy still prefer to build their own agents。of course,Is the use of a number of projects based on GAE。Agent-based software to build quite a few GAE,For example, it is knownwallp[……]

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