How about the perfect bridge at mac-lion

There are a few days to start saying mbp,终于算是琢磨出一些门道来⋯⋯不过总的来说比windows好用不少哈哈,起码特效好看的多呀⋯⋯

Keke,I do not know by what means are used to bypass the win,Andy still prefer to build their own agents。of course,Is the use of a number of projects based on GAE。Agent-based software to build quite a few GAE,For example, it is knownwallproxyandgoagent,Similar methods are,But which is now used to upload ⋯⋯ python in the win I was accustomed to the former,I have been using,During the question a lot of people say it,Failure or something, but Andy has spent half a year super easy to use! But for now for the lion system ⋯⋯ Oh,Cannian ah。Other,For a lion does not set up a proxy,In other structures which can not be automatically switched after a successful,Always a lot of trouble。After using built-in safari browser I really like ah,Not want to change ah ⋯⋯ so,Had to severely heart to google the。But finally the outcome,So this record。

As for how to build their own agents,I recommend to everyoneHereLook,Oh then easily download the GUI end。Other,It is how to make the browser that comes automatically switch the safari。In fact, I found,You can directly followwallproxyThat was in the pac of ⋯⋯ requires only simple modifications on it。

Let me talk first about,LionAfter Apple usesSandbox (Sandbox)To improve the security of the program。The so-called Sandbox,That is, the file does not allow access to its own app outside (unless the API provided by Apple,Of course, there are many programs that do not use the official API,It will not appear in MacAppStore years)。The safari is no exception,This led directly to it can only be used in the pac http,That's how it uses the local? Very simple,Just need pac file in the on it,So this is not pac safari "own" files Well。It is noteworthy that the replication process will prompt,Select the "identification"。

then,Go to add automatic selection,Here we should pay attention under,It is the first input file://localhost,And then dragged inside pac,Such,safari will be able to read the local normal matter pac file。so,When you want to bypass the,Opens goagent,Then check the automatic proxy ⋯⋯ left!

In fact,This time you will find here or do not increase ⋯⋯ actually already read,Pac just need a little bit of processing said,Directly open the pac ⋯⋯ ah,I recommend using BBEdit to edit Caesar,turn up

var PROXY = “PROXY”;

This line,Here it is to use a proxy address,The proxy address into the address goagent,In fact wallproxy port is 8086, goagent is 8087 Bale,Then close,Save ⋯⋯

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