Another new public NS,Domestic 114DNS

I remember when the blog I wrote just created aGoogle's public NSFor everyone,That which describes the utility of Google NS,Internet can be said that science must-ns

But under normal circumstances,Perhaps because of this ns itself from the wall bars,There will be all kinds of trouble in most cases,This time again send out a new domestic public ns


Security Insecurity,I say not,But say,Apple used toapp store download accelerationStill obvious,I am here to use optical fiber telecommunications 6M download only when 100-200kb / s bar,The transducer can reach full speed after Oh

Its address is


The bottom line is the alternate address。

BTW,It also has a special address for your choice,I'll just introduce specific copy,Pro who can go home to see their own:

114DNS introduced cloud security services in the areas of DNS resolution,Cloud realized interception Trojan Website、(Optional) intercept porn sites

114DNS intensive use of cloud computing technology,Cloud security DNS Service,The domain name prior to the technical means to collect the Trojans and the porn sites,114DNS injected into the cloud。When you accidentally directed to these sites,114DNS will force the site's domain name resolves to a specific IP address,Thereby blocking access to these sites in order to avoid falling into the trap of bad guys dug。

The DNS address to and,Intercept fishing、Trojan Website,After these sites be blocked 114DNS,Computer security experts may need to continue accessing。

The DNS address to and,Intercept porn、fishing、Trojan Website,To protect children from Internet pornography poison while enhancing network security。


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