Too long not updated KALILinux,The result GPG key timeout
Too long not updated KALILinux,The result GPG key timeout

A long time did not update kali,Today, taking advantage of the updated virtual machine,We want to open the system with a new look,The results did not expect to encounter the problem of FIG.。

First, use the GUI to update occurred 404,Then use apt-get the error key expires。

Ok,At all events,This is not a conflict deb,Nor is the source could not be parsed,You need to do is update the key。

Use the following commands to a new key is added to your apt-keyring

Such software update again GPG error list will not appear,404 issues will no longer appear。

Recently a little busy,And so busy looking back over again to repair it ...... Further response from kaliOfficial Forums

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