Why don't I turn on "find my Mac"

For iPhone users in terms of,You may be optimistic. "Find My iPhone"This feature,Uh,This feature is really good。but,If you put this on a good impression to the Mac,It may be a little less fit。

OS X's iCloud and iOS as,There is also "Find My Mac"Option:

OS X "Find My Mac"

OS X "Find My Mac"


For the average user,Open it is good for something - at least can be changed to add a bit of trouble thief。

Since the Mac is a computer - uh,Yes, that's right,It is a computer rather than a mobile phone,It is not yet such as GPS or something,So,To control them,Also much easier than Tongshen only a few buttons iPhone,“Find My Mac"May not be as easy as you think。

Find My Mac

When you lose your Mac ,Log in now iCloud ,Through the "Find My Mac" to lock your computer - or remotely wipe its data to protect your privacy will not also fall into the hands of thieves - well,Since the Mac is no GPS chip no GSM network access(Ie no known base station triangulation method)Plus you might pay more attention to privacy also closed the inexplicable "Location" permission ...... then you might see on iCloud position "unknown"- You do not get the position of the Mac!

If you do not know on the Mac there is a "Position",That means you may have lost hope after the Mac via iCloud's "Find My Mac" to track its location。Another,This position is based on IP addresses and local network information to determine Wifi,So accuracy is greatly reduced。

As for playing sound ...... Save it! Unless you are sure Mac is nearby,Otherwise, the only startle。As for locking ...... erase and erase it means that you give up in order to protect the privacy of the hardware - you can no longer lock your Mac,It is forever and you say goodbye。

The lock means that you have to Zhouxuandaodi and criminals - because you can not erase the Mac。

Erase and lock

So,Here we talk erase and lock - Talia why it can not co-exist? I would like to erase my data privacy,Locking Mac,Peace of mind to fight with the enemy in the end these days?

Here we say,Since the Mac is a computer,It itself is not so strong, integrated iPhone,So it is very easy to control。The "Find My Mac" is only limited to the current Apple ID under the current system - have networking。

So,Once criminals keep your Mac offline,He can do whatever they want with your computer!

That's why you erase the Mac no longer locked! Because your information is erased,It became a"new"The Mac! Your Apple ID did not,Naturally unable to contact it again and it。

As for locking,This is the firmware level locking,Upon successful,Even the "BIOS" are unable to boot - in fact it is EFI,I was afraid to say you do not understand。So your Mac can not re-enter the system、U disk will not even start! - Not to mention the networking,So,You will no longer linked to your Mac,Not to mention erased! - Prayer helpless by criminals after your comment contact you!

Teach you to steal back a Mac

Now,Having the "Find My Mac" is how vulnerable,I would say it is how you circumvent this mechanism is also a new Mac。

Here we assume you got a Mac Book Pro,You stole it from the beginning has been to shut down - you know, "Find My Mac" So you have not switched,Directly come to me。


At all events,To create an offline environment,Do not plug the network cable to the Mac,Also turn off the router。Best to go to the outskirts of the field - of course,In particular, avoid those free Wifi signal,Stay away from the owner's range of life - even if it was what it had Wifi!

In short,Let Mac offline,Power。

Along with "duang" bang,Power Systems,All right,The owner did not set any password(Or set a password but automatically log)! All right,Export data reloading system,End of story。

Oh,I'm not kidding Ha,We are concerned in the case of the second,You see,Setting a power-on password and more important ah! Password,I try to guess the next。

In case it is not it? I rely,The password is 123456789! All right,Export data reloading system,End of story。

break the code

So,Set a password or serious little better。A simple password might as well not to set a password - Why? answer:No password if the remote service can not verify - you understand? Like a wall without a door wall! If you open the door - Set password,Please change the at least one security door bar!

I used to refer to finishing[Turn] on OS X forgot password four kinds of solutions,We reset the password,All right,Export data reloading system,End of story。

So,The light has a strong password,Although thousands of blocked network attacks,But for physical attack or ineffective - social workers is so cool! So we have to use other means to protect your computer。

FileVault full disk encryption

Maybe you never thought your computer when faced with a gangster how vulnerable is - DT must be replaced in this era of IT to,A computer we can almost afford it the,But if the information stored on your computer is stolen、Embezzle,Some people may not afford it! Starting in OS X 10.9,Apple's FileVault upgrade to version 2,Also supports the overall(Accurately speaking called full volume)Encryption,It allows you to all of you(Including system files, including all)Files are encrypted on the hard level!

OS X FileVault full disk encryption

OS X FileVault full disk encryption


In fact, FileVault will not consume much of your computer's performance,You can refer to Intel'sThis article(English)To understand the detailed contents,Simply put, it is this is the CPU hardware level support,So encryption up quickly,And it is only decrypted at boot time,Shut down when encryption - Note,Make every nightShutdownYo ~ ~ ~

So,To performance,And any place that require password authentication decryption time before there will be significant difference is that only two possible power-enter a password into a progress bar(1 second bar)Other difference is no matter!

Turn FileVault

Due to the use of FileVault Pseudo-random number To encrypt(take it easy,Industry standard),So you'd better buy a new Mac in a day or two and then use encryption,Such randomness stronger。The new configuration is now enabled by default FileVault in Mac,So you remember when configured to cancel open Oh!

At your System PreferencesSecurity & PrivacyFileVault Tab Open it in。

For this recovery key thing,If you do not trust, "industry standard" iCloud,Then you yourselfwriteDown,I suggest you directly stored on iCloud enough - after all, if you do accidentally forget your password,It ensures data does not turn away。Otherwise,Wipe the disc slightly to reload。

After setting up the,You can restart the computer to turn on the FileVault,Remember to connect the power and turn Wifi(And Wifi What is the relationship? Uh,This is a Bug,And I did not know it did not fix,If you do not turn on the Wifi,Please let me know。)FileVault encrypts in the background while you use your computer,This time there will naturally be a little occupied properties。This time will be different according to how much data you,When I open the hard drive takes up about 120GB,Since I am SSDs,All in all in two hours。Once the encryption is complete,The future is used as added,Not so slow。

Returning to our tale

This time we say,Actually I found this Mac using FileVault encryption! So you can not enter the system ...... even if the hard disk linked to other machines,The same can not be read。Ok,We can not look at her the Pornographic(It is said that the owner is a sister paper 8 points?),Reload trays,End of story。

You see,Although we can not protect Mac,But at least your data safe。but,Is there a way to continue and fought against it? of course!

Firmware Password

Then we talk again. "Find My Mac"Among"locking”。Once in force the lock.,In firmware - that is, the motherboard level in force! At this time, whether a single user,U disk or CD-ROM network boot all invalid! Then,We have no way to manually open it then? The answer is yes。

We can manually set the firmware password for Mac,Just as the "BIOS" Like a password,but,It can not be discharged through the motherboard way to clear it! and so,You must remember well your firmware password,This stuff can be no "Forgot Password" button! Once you forget the password,You can only goApple GuideThrough the purchase invoice to unlock!

Role firmware password

Unlike iCloud in the "lock",You do not have to worry about since then open Mac must enter the password twice and even different,Firmware password you use only addition to the conventional bootBefore all other boot modeappear! That:Normal boot will not see it anyway!


This is also from the side to remind you that a firmware password is not used,You may use your Mac does not need it bad,So a firmware password is easy to forget! Write it in a suitable location Do not forget!

Open Firmware Password

  1. Close Mac。
  2. Mac starts again,And hold the Command and R keys,Order from OS X recoverystart up。
  3. After the "Restore" window appears,Select "from" Utilities "menuFirmware Password Utility”。
  4. In the "Firmware Utility"Window,Tap "Open Firmware Password”。
  5. Enter a new password,Then enter the same password in the "Verify" field。
  6. Click "Set Password"。
  7. Click "Exit Firmware Utility" to close the "Firmware Password Utility"。
  8. Click the Apple menu,Then choose "Restart" or "Off"。Next time you start your Mac,Firmware Password will become effective。

Returning to our tale

Ok,Wit 8 points sister paper actually set up full disk encryption,We can not read Pornographic,But at least there is a Mac, but with,U disk boot - days! She set a firmware password:

Mac Firmware Password

Mac Firmware Password

Ok,This time had to give up,Firmware Password can not untie,But you need to unlock outlets ah!

There is aCase in EnglishSay how the author received an unexpected message Apple Mac two years after the loss, he said he found the computer。On the main idea is to set a firmware password,This Mac turnover last year in the hands of new buyers encountered this problem and then went Guide to unlocked - you see,Than the "Find My Mac" fly more。

but,It can not be so stupid,In fact, many domestic small workshops can also get this problem! Price seems to be less than 500 bar,I found a friend,Help for a related chips on the motherboard - indescribably trouble! In short,For a chip on the motherboard is no longer so strong,There are even dangerous spot scrapped。


In short,For me it is a great country,A small firmware password simply can not play the slightest role in the real criminals - but at leastThey hinder the pace,Like security doors can be unlocked as,But it requires time and skill levels will be higher than many ordinary padlock(Although only thing twenty-three seconds)。And,We effectively protect their data - for example, you write an algorithm、You write a draft article、Your company's product design、Your business operations contract、Your bank card password、All of you。

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      1. It still doesn’t work on M1 mac “retrieve” Mac bar (There is no positioning hardware or the positioning service is not turned on.), Can only be remotely wiped if the device happens to be connected to the Internet.

    1. This kind of thing right now ...... just like the insurance,Really spend very little time - I wish that life does not need to face the situation and it really steward ......,Switching win when playing the game obviously very troublesome,But with full disk encryption,Data more secure。

      1. Ah ha ha ha ha,To play is to fight ...... ass over time I am ready to play it installed win ~ win handover will confront the problem? Or is it again lose your password?

        1. Since the switching boot partition will modify the firmware configuration so you need to enter a password in order to switch the firmware boot,If you set the default to start macOS words,Then each will require a firmware password to switch win ...... so it is not a particularly long provided better,I set up eight。

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