4929090A Gmail account password leak!

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Although the cause of the leakGoogle itself does not come from a server intrusion,(The official also did not acknowledge being hacked and flawed) butFrom phishing attacks,But anyway now 4929090 A Gmail account password has been disclosedIn the network,This is nearly five million the number of ah! Other,They claim that the inside is still Liucheng is still valid,All told,That is, more than three million, right?

Even step verification is blocked (=。= OK,In fact, the route did not used a two-step ......) short,To see if your mailbox is caught it!

You canHere输入你的邮箱来查询试试╮(╯▽╰)╭反正路由的邮箱貌似是安全的。

then,ClickHereTake a look at Chinese news from the Google translation of it!

At last,HereIt is Engadget Chinese version of the news page。

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