Kali Linux 2016 Rolling update release

You may not know what is Kali,But you must have heard of BackTrack Name,Like classic BT5 。Now,BT's next generation,Kali Linux After 1.0、2.0 The Polish,Launched 2016 Rolling updatesversion。

Kali Linux based on Debian is maintained by Offensive Security Ltd and the financing,Internal integration of numerous specialized for forensics、Permeability and test security software,It can run on a disc、USB memory stick、On your hard disk, as well as a variety of other platforms,Very convenient,It is home to travel must yield。

Kali Linux

Kali Linux

Rolling updates

For security software,,Rolling update is probably the most appropriate,Don't care about the latest releases,As long as the update,Your security software is up to date--there may be some bug,But in most cases,We do not want an exploit tool expiration。

Virtual machine support

Has long been,Wants to install in VMware virtual machines Kali,VMware Tools Installation was very painful--for fit up。to this end,VMware recommends users to try the open source version of open-VM-tools now,Kali Linux optimization open-vm-tools ,Rolling updates,It is compatible with all the features of VMware Tools,Such as file copying,Resolution adjustment。

Use the following command to install the:

Is worth saying a Word,Bloggers are using a Parallel Desktop ,Tools that come directly after the update installation succeeded,Fully functional:)

Penetration testing tool for continuous updates

Has stable operation of the five-month penetration testing tool updates automatically notify the Centre to guarantee the rollover warehouse always the latest stable version of the tool;Kali Linux package Tracker also allows you to use email and Web pages to track evolution of Kali Linux,For example the following figure is a Web screenshot:

Screenshot from Kali Linux official website

Screenshot from Kali Linux official website


If you are Kali Linux 2.0,You can upgrade using the update command to 2016 Rolling updates,Does not need to be downloaded separately-but,Download size is about 2GB。

It is noteworthy that,Blogger and blogger friends is kneeling because of upgrade。In short,Or refer you to the official website download mirrors to reinstall。

Other,Kali Linux 2.0 Updates will be 2016 April 15 to stop the support。


You can go to the officialDownload page forDownload Kali Linux install latest image--taking into account your network may be blocked,I have downloaded the corresponding seed,You can use the seed to start the download:)


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  1. That's a good new year firework praise!
    Seeing a man,With Kali,And then you want to uninstall,So RM-RF,Happens to also mount the Windows partition……Can say is thankfully not UEFI mode,Not recently broke an arch user RM-RF firmware is broken…

    1. rm -rf /
      This command is love, -R is recursive, -F is force,And force a recursive delete root kill UEFI that well ~ I also read,Flower vendors--why do you want to mount this partition by default?
      Or can you write?!
      In short,HA HA HA HA HA。

      1. efivars... Legend systemd pot,Hang up into RW,This RM...arch Forum post to see the results page,Just want to see again, but didn't! Don't couples say RM-RF ,Only dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/SD[a-z]?

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