Disabling automatic start Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer is a good thing,In macOS can easily transfer files in to Android phones etc.,But one thing is this bad thing will reside process in the background to monitor usb insert,People very uncomfortable。

Especially when the device is inserted Android,Automatic pop-ups,Also the connection fails (because you have no time to point authorized on the phone),Very annoying。

To disable automatic startup,First, open the activity manager,Search Android File Transfer Agent in it,Close this process。

Then to System Preferences → Users and Groups → entries (Login Items) to delete it。

Do you think this all is well? not enough! When you start Android File Transfer,The agent will start together,The result is that if you do not restart your mac,So Android File Transfer will pop up。

Then,We go to this renaming process,There are two locations:


In these two directories,Regarded Android File Transfer Agent.app Can be changed to another name。

(of course,If you update this app,Then all operations to be performed once again)


Disable auto start for Android File Transfer

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