df-dferh-01 Solution after China, Android Google Play Store to install the error

When using an Android device,If you purchased a separate area of ​​China issued a customized version of Android devices,It is likely that your device is not built-in Google Kit,Such as Play Store。

This time we need to install it yourself,There are many ways to install,Not repeat them here。In short,Once you have installed,You will find,Even open proxy,Play Store is also possible after logging content can not be loaded correctly (login is normal)。

This displays the error:df-dferh-01

Encounter this error,So most of your equipment is built-in Google services,And your proxy tool is split according to the rules,If you use the global vpn,We should not encounter this error。

Reason encounter this error is the built-in Google services,It is a manufacturer of customized,They will Google's domain is set to cn domain name,which is googleapis.cn,I'm sorry,The domain name will be resolved to a Chinese company,Obviously,Your Play Store can not get any data - so on the error。


Modify your proxy tool rule,Join a,Agent can let go googleapis.cn。

of course,You can also modify the dns router,Googleapis.cn force to resolve the googleapis.com。

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