With Santa prevent Mac QQ start of Jietu.app

Update,The name of the new version of qq screenshot changed,To QQ jietu plugin.app ,Directory unchanged。

The following commands have been made corresponding modification。

We all know that QQ this thing and 360 A sample,Do no good,。A Mac version is also thought to function well with,First touches hooligan playing up。After this update,You will find QQ screenshot function independent of the (actually very early independence,I refer to the other),And QQ network connection does not go the same way the body。

Why do you say? I use the Surge ,So you always see what's QQ quietly links,Like the still http://monitor.uu.qq.com/analytics/rqdsync

Mac statistics of QQ Phone Home

Mac statistics of QQ Phone Home

The statistics to be able to phone home can really hard,The day thousands of,Don't know if I don't block it,The day things can go。

Update QQ , Jietu.app Independent network requests,If you want to,You will find the QQ Network Agent now uses the system proxy:

The latest version of QQ now uses the system proxy settings

The latest version of QQ now uses the system proxy settings

however, Jietu.app While QQ in the installation directory of,Independently use TCP to connect to server。Evidence see drawings,Opening QQ instant,100,000 requests bombarding Little Snitch,Right after I shot a few seconds,Background the firewall collapsed,then Jietu.app Complete the transfer。And if things do not go the system agent configuration,So we can't kill it with proxy rules。

You can see in the title plan,At the time of a large number of requests,CPU takes up almost as much as 100%。

So if my computer is not connected to the State,No firewall,The screenshots really is hogging my CPU keeps sponsored links until the computer power?!

Don't ask me why no network can open QQ,Most of the time not also opens forgot to turn it off or bothered to shut--of course,Here I pay more attention to and what is it for and why。

In short,This finding strengthened my faith in to get rid of this screenshot。

In fact, there are many,As hosts to kill the requested domain name-but this is not insurance,Tencent pushes a new address tomorrow you're。Try again--crazy firewall will crash。

If you are not using Little Snitch,But the handoff,That seems to be what you can on the permission to kill Jietu.app Start。


Here,I'm using Google a new unofficial macOS platformWhitelist software,It aims to sync from the server white list to prevent unwanted software from running on your device,The kernel level,Safe and secure。

Moving from https://github.com/google/santa

Moving from https://github.com/google/santa

Of course,Santa is currently in beta,But this does not affect our downloads using the blacklist。

ToThis pageDownload and install the Santa,Santa is no graphical configuration interface,By default monitoring mode,There will not be any effect--until:

Effect, use the following command to test the Santa run normal:

The first command is used to add a blacklist of,Need administrator permissions,The second command is used to test the,In Terminal, enter yes And hit enter,If you see this prompt indicates that Santa has been running in the background:

of course,There are graphics tips:

Santa stops the target command start

Santa stops the target command start

Now,Our path to the application to get a QQ screenshots,This is not difficult to,Minutes from the firewall records found:

Now we will add Tiger to give Santa a new blacklist:

If successful,You will see the:

All right,So this damn screenshots it will never start,And then ... ...

QQ will continue to try to start a screenshot app

QQ will continue to try to start a screenshot app

Then you are in the process of ending screenshot,You can see an unlimited number of times the startup prompt。Oh, right,The figure above is my own tests when started manually。Double click to see "application could not be opened" message。

That tip down,Check the Ignore button on top can "all day without prompt" option,Such,Every day you open QQ,Only this tip will pop up for the first time the box。

Then,Can you permanently close it? My answer is,Remind you once a day,You forget you are in and what kind of Devil deals。

Other approaches

I think this is in trouble? All right,Direct find the screenshot software by deleting or renaming is OK,But this integrity check macOS,Seems to check automatically back up the ... ... I don't know this specific。


At last,We take a look at the system log:

QQ is still constantly restart application screenshots

QQ is still constantly restart application screenshots

See these,I was out of breath-success。

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  1. Good use rules,Way to add,When will add rules –Change blacklist –silent-blacklist can turn off direct interception remind,The new features should be added by,We hope to give new people who read this tutorial to facilitate。

  2. The beginning is also very puzzled,Why a screenshot of the software to connect to the server,Ever tried capturing Packet look at it in the end what kind of data is uploaded?

  3. A question,If you want to go the proxy QQ,I looked at a variety of IP QQ client in Surge Dashboard,All set or not。
    (Mainly want a new Configuration off the QQ REJECT,But found invalid orz)

    1. QQ do not take the http,Although it's a lot of functions such,But QQ itself is a socket,Otherwise, how instant messaging?
      You can look for qq from the Internet server ip address,把它们都加入 hosts? 用防火墙来干这个事情更容易

  4. Github and there WebQQ Web Wechat parsed interface,You can write a script on the server to hang,Incidentally, there are filtering,Amway look

    1. This simply delete it and the truth is the same - but I heard there will be a check and automatically download new back case,When did you start this integrity check、Who do not know what time download 0.0

    1. The system comes to be theme screenshot into memory,Previous qq screenshot function and the same。Or to the desktop Screenshot,Then use the tools in the preview image to mark:)

  5. I clicked your way again。。。How do nothing,But I am a little white,Saw your blog,Firewall doesn't know,No programming,Anyway,。。。Screenshots can still open。。。I see activity monitor,Haven't seen screenshots. run app flow ... ...

    1. If you can use activity monitor screenshot running flow that will be visible to the world a mess。They could not be so flagrant。--But the eyes see, the heart does not grieve over,Right when it is safe:)

        1. Content gets less,May be some general usage statistics。But you also see drawings crazy attack firewall behavior,So I gave it to ban。And,System comes with a screenshot can be used: QQ screenshot。

          1. Grace,Saying firewalls require additional installation, right? Don't know which software I installed and QQ screenshot of conflict,QQ screenshots anyway have spent the,But I follow your method,Doesn't work。。。Jietu.app not everyone's path is different? Copy your path,Themselves from the activity monitor to find the path,No ~,I'm still learning about your other articles,Add what do not know their own ~

          2. Screenshot path is the same in theory。But such as the user name in your own。If you're a 10.12,QQ screenshots should be now will not start,May be some permission issues that limit its。--Don't deserve,When a small reference to it:)

          1. never mind,Today, just try thinking about seeing a crack version,Later found to be imperfect crack,Prohibition led to many verification network also Rom orz

  6. That what,Layout is a layout of your blog seems to be a problem Hey,How would I describe,Is the mobile version of chrome 52,Half a page,Left the part out of sight,Own WebView

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