OSX 10.11 EI Capitan running Java SE 8

A few days ago,Latest session of WWDC Conference for us EL Capitan 10.11 latest OSX system,The first time I installed a developer preview。Without him,Netizens have said very little bug is the forums。Looking back to the year,When upgrading from 10.9 and 10.10,Even in beta stage,Is still flying bug!

But this does very little bug,Some do not even find innocuous,Really astonishing!

but,I am afraid that there is a bug inside these people have to pay attention to the,That does not support the Java SE 6,This directly led to all programs using Java are not able to run,Pit ah!

This application requires the legacy Java SE 6 runtime which is unavailable for this version of OS X.”

Fortunately, there areOkamiIt gives a solution,Since it does not support the old Java SE 6,Then why do not directly install the latest version of Java SE 8?

Ready to work

First of all,You need to goOfficial website to downloadThe latest version of the JDK (JDK instead of JRE Why? Because JRE modification method trickier ...... its so,Not as one step。) And then install it。

Verify the version

Open a terminal,Then use the following command to view,If your results and I almost here,That explanation has been installed。

Modify the configuration file

Please look directory,No System!

System is not in the Library!

Create link

Since the EL Capitan has a new called "RootLess" function,So we can only create a level of directory,Turn into the directory as follows,If you do not exist, create:

Then use the following command to create a link (which is a command)

Create two empty directory

The method according to the top,We also need to create a level two empty directory:

Your actual operating environment is likely to follow my example is not the same,But similar,Note that you can work。

😰Shame it,Originally, I wrote and wrote, when he pulled the System directory! It was my fault,I apologize,It has now been corrected!

Reboot the system

At this moment,You also need the final step,Since restarting 10.11 this time will turn off,We use the command line to restart,Although it will be stuck,But it is possible to restart ......

Optimization App

More work done,Most likely you still find that the tragedy of your Java program will not start,Do not panic,Probably because the program does not support the latest version of the Java cause,We need a manual to support it:

Right-click on your application - or hold control Click the,select"Show Package Contents”,There is a directory under Content Info.plist file


Save it ...... you may need administrator privileges,if not,To drag out the modifications is then covered with short back ......,After editing your Java programs on ok friends


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  1. When you create a step 1.6.0.jdk and Deploy.bundle,I encountered a problem,In the / System / Library / Java / Extensions path only two directories and Support,No JavaVirtualMachine directory。When prompted to create mkdir command via sudo mkdir JavaVirtualMachine: JavaVirtualMachines: Operation not permitted error。I do not know what the situation。

        1. Turned out to be true! I have a directory behind even really wrong! Strange little wonder so many people。。。。。I have corrected guilt ......。Please castigate me!

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