Subscribe to a paid app shelves,In addition to code for what you need to do?

Finally,Pocketed X input method successfully shelves。From development to shelves,A lot has happened。

Now,I would say it,In addition to the code,Added a subscription fee app,You need to do something。

Use Agreement

In General,Apple provides to youUnified Software Use Agreement,In your correspondence on the app "app infomation" page,There is a right of the License Agreement。

App Store use the default protocol

If you want to offer subscriptions purchased,We need to use your own protocol before they can use,You need a website,And use your agreement to put up - may not necessarily be particularly rich but the others have a chant,You can refer toPocketed input method using the X protocolformat,As a stand-alone software,I did not write the content is very detailed and complex。

If you look at other providers of subscription features of app sales page,It may be so:

The direct link is written sales page against humanity,Neither good-looking,In short is not good read ......,Now you can put your link using a protocol into a special box EULA。

see it? Life and death that you might not find EULA ,In fact, Apple has been using the protocol provided by the box ......

Click on the right side of the Edit License Agreement,We can use our own protocol address to get a hold,This eliminates the need to link against humanity on the sales page,Affect the appearance。

EULA write in a special protocol instead of directly using the sales page of the software thrown in

Privacy Policy

This is done,Then there is another provision of the document - Privacy Policy。This is actually an optional fill each app。

For example, pocketed input method X is a third-party keyboard,So this type of app you must fill in:

app privacy protocol input box

So the,Maybe you did not write the app,But as a subscription fee of app,It is a must。This you can not refer to the My Templates,Because pocketed Input X simply do not obtain the user's private data,Also do not write very complex - in short,When you want to make sure your app page audit protocol is normally accessible。

At least in my research during the time of the service agreement page is Ulysses "{“error”:”Not Found: [GET] /app-terms-of-service”}”。

So the,You do not have the privacy policy page address written in the description of the app,In a dedicated place to。

Necessary introduction

In the presentation of information in the app,You must write clearly some fixed content:

Other,You have to write your name subscribing to a paid project,For example, the class xxx Pro modes。Then write access to user-pays what,For example, continuously updated content,Unlock more features like,Write some。

At last,It is a subscription payment model,For example, pocketed input X provides monthly payments、Quarterly payment、annual fee,Three kinds,Then you would have to write clearly these three payment models。

Then,The end result is probably what happened:

Illustrate the application of the purchase interface

Confusing content

Paid mode to write clearly is "every year"、"Monthly" or "quarterly",We can not write often say "Yearly"、"Monthly payment",This text will be considered ambiguous is rejected。

Immediately visible link and instructions

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use in Apple's requirements above must purchase interface has links,You have to do two buttons on the inside,Word can put a small corner point,But it must be the first to see the [screen],Scroll to see what does not work。

There sentence template sentence,English has provided,Here is my translation of the Chinese version,In short,You have to have and be able to immediately see the job。

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