Four small rocket Shadowrocket Advanced Configuration

Using small rocket for a long time,Many of my friends say,Small rocket Shadowrocket Unstable,Old out of their own background,I would say this is how I use it。

Previous iOS does not support this type of VPN applications,Every time over the wall on iOS,We are a people thing painstaking。Later Surge appeared ...... my first time to buy,of course,Later, Lower shelf Surge,I also completely change the Apple ID of the United States District,I would not buy another copy Surge,Instead he bought a relatively inexpensive Shadowrocket (commonly known asSmall rocket,In fact, in the area I also bought,But also the shelves is not? )。

In short,To get small rocket with a good,Some configuration is required,It is designed to over the wall,So the function is more interested here,Opposed Surge,Shadowrocket also can support more protocols。

Modify speed mode

In the Setting in Shadowrocket,You can set its Ping Method,Optional TCP and ICMP,We chose the latter,Such speed that the results closer to the actual results rather than just detecting whether the server is reachable online。(Of course, at the expense of the time needed to speed a little bit longer,If you add more servers,You may need to wait a little while before all the results。)

Add automatic gun

Surge has a very nice feature is the ability to more regular automatic speed lines and switches to the fastest route,This prevents the server after we had hung up the gun and ran to manually switch to another line。In fact, is there Shadowrocket,In the Home page,Global Routing functions can be found in。

And automatically switching speed setting agent Shadowrocket

  • Start by adding a gun in group Speed ​​Test,Several usually increase faster speed line in the group,Then turn speed service;
  • Next, create a Scene,Because here we just want to speed automatic,So Scene select Default,Routing select Config,Type natural choice Group,Then you can select the configuration you are using the Config below,Finally, give a name Scene,Save and select the;
  • At last,In the Global Routing,Select Scene。

Such,You can every Shadowrocket 600 Seconds (default configuration) to conduct a speed and select the fastest route。

Crashes automatically restart

Compared to Surge,Shadowrocket support a surprising feature - On Demand。This is actually interesting feature of a VPN,It lets you listen iOS system-level domain name being requested,When faced with a particular domain name,On the first start the VPN,Before requesting the domain name。

By On Demand feature allows automatic restart Shadowrocket

We went to the Shadowrocket On Demand Function,Start this function,And close Disconnect on Sleep,Network Any election。

Shadowrocket have to help you built a number of commonly used domain wildcard,For example, Google、Like Twitter,if necessary,You can also add some of your own。Such,When you are in the Internet,If Shadowrocket backstage hanging,When you click on the next link,It can be to start the system back again。

Such,You'll never encounter a positive push brush brush happy,Suddenly all the pictures disappear,Check most of the day,From the router to the server,Finally I discovered that in fact is Shadowrocket services they stopped the embarrassing scene。

The updated proxy policy

I wrote something about the white list in an article "It is time to use the PAC whitelist》,But nonetheless this list is too great,IOS can not be accommodated - in fact,,In the new Surge in even my blacklist,Will be prompted list is too large。

to this end,I specifically made a list of whitelist a judgment based on the IP address ...... In short,The rule here geoip_whitelist.conf ,In Shadowrocket the Config page,The bottom Add Remote Files,Unfortunately, you can only add aThanks friends Immortal remind,See comments,Top right corner of the page, click the plus sign to add a more remote configuration),In short,We added to it to this address,It will automatically download。

This profile is compatible with the Surge and Shadowrocket,But Shadowrocket After you have added will be prompted to import server information,Click Cancel here,Built-in server configuration information is only a hint content。

This is what I prefer a place Shadowrocket,It is the policy proxy server data and store it separately,You can easily modify the configuration and policy。

A key update profile

Then you will find this address is retained in the bottom of the page,In the future you can click once every other week,Select the Use Config,Shadowrocket will automatically download and update the local configuration。(My configuration is automatically updated once a week,For this article geoip strategy for,Just updated to advertising rules)


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  1. Just bought a little rocket,Don't know how to use it yet,Can I just add nodes directly according to the address and port password of the vps I bought? How to write online tutorials, what ssr should be set up after buying a vps?

  2. Bloggers,QQ Mail APP for iPhone,I can’t open the email when I open the rocket,Can it be in the configuration file,Add QQ Mail APP as not using proxy

  3. What does the yellow dot in front of the local file and the tick after the local file in the configuration file mean?? The yellow dot is in front of the whitelist, ✓ Behind another local file sr_cnip_ad, Don't quite understand what it means? Clicking on the whitelist to use the configuration can only temporarily tick after the whitelist, Will disappear after a while, ✓ after sr_cnip_ad always exists

    2. Where is the pac of the mobile ios shadowrocket configured?? I haven't found this option

    1. The built-in rules seem to be a streamlined,It only contains common websites,Nothing in the list is unrecognizable,The advantage is small size and fast speed,The disadvantage is that if the website you use is not commonly used or is a CDN,It doesn't necessarily go agent。

  4. Great God toss for a few days,I feel there is a connection fails on demand。Not long after I add domain domain name will automatically disappear。And in open state connection demand,Does not distinguish between domestic and foreign conduct,Even if I open the browser and it will automatically connect to the。

    1. I have the same problem,Do not know where you need to set,Just open the function-demand connections,Unlock the phone will automatically connect the small rocket

  5. Hello there,The white list I found sometimes I can not open the page in a campus network (suspected could not be resolved) but even after attempts to find replacement dns does not work,But with a small rocket regardless of their default configuration change or not change dns normal use,You can also configure under normal use 4G,I would like to ask how to solve

      1. There are two questions to ask,The configuration file is reject,Want to know what the role of this address why you want to deny access

    1. Language and regional settings adjust,Chinese, then by default,This address is in any case not available,Set the region to Hong Kong,The default is,Or the United States,.with

  6. Gangster can help write a list of what IP-based access to overseas。I can provide a list of IP segment。This should be more accurate。So that the country can direct all

    1. Git you to view the page mentioned in the text,In fact there is a whitelist-based geoip,It will automatically home address is determined according geoip,If China is to direct ip,Not on the agent。

  7. Why every case was blocked by the emergence of the use of add friends would do? A week on the day are no problem at other times was blocked。

    1. In the node list,Templates are,Not really usable node,You need to add your own server information,In General,In the small rocket prompted whether you want to import server information,No point on the line。

  8. For the final sentence "for this article geoip strategy for,Just updated to advertising rules "a little understanding is not in place,Will geoip white list and white list Is there any difference -

    1. For mobile phone users,Perhaps the biggest difference is that the [volume]。And geoip white list corresponds to the domain whitelist,The domain white list will list all domain names can be directly connected,Probably more than fifty thousand (currently),This list is too big,Resulting in the mobile terminal can not loaded。So if you want to use mobile end whitelist,Only use geoip。
      Functionally,geoip actually be matched according to app comes with a database geoip,Due to the frequent turnover of domain name more often than ip-segment changes,If you do not regularly update the domain whitelist,Then it would quickly began to fail,So use,To circumvent this problem is to use geoip match a certain extent,,The relative effectiveness of more lasting。

      But if you use geoip,Then visit a Web site,The client is bound first to resolve the domain name,Then do than get ip,If the domain name is contaminated,Get a "non-existing" ip,It said Fortunately,,After all whitelist,So in fact, is not affected,But if it redirects to another domestic real ip,Then you will be contaminated。In contrast domain name rules,Because you access the domain name is not listed,Go directly to the agency。Beyond that it is to say DNS leaks,Judge rules directly using the domain name resolved to avoid,To some extent, to avoid DNS leaks,But in general in this article do not consider this issue it wants。

  9. I used your configuration,But still through a proxy server rather than directly connected access Baidu,May I ask what went wrong yet。。

  10. Excuse me speed part is not to say that upside down? ICMP and TCP TCP say the text is easier to use,I measured ICMP slower,TCP second test。Is ICMP is actually connected?

    1. In fact, this is a tcp tcp transferred to the page or tcpping,I really do not know,In accordance with the operating logic and use this time I feel it should be tcp ping,But in general tcp ping will be more realistic,Some servers prohibit reply icmp package,Commonly known as "ban ping",In short,Or use tcp mode is more realistic effect,After all, the actual transfer is tcp package。

        1. This automatically switches a certain threshold,Each test will not switch,DETAILED correlation threshold may be set in the set,That is a difference of how much delay will switch。(Default 200ms,If your line very quickly,For example, you can set up to 10ms and the like,Is too small will lead to per-line speed are switched。)

          1. Threshold Gaixiao,Before setting the default URL test speed speed speed in the website can not go up,Baidu into a,But still can not automatically adjust。。。。

  11. scene1: cellular config geoip_whitelist.conf 实现使用国内运营商网络时的代理+去广告
    scene2: wlan_spec direct geoip_whitelist.conf wlan_spec已翻, 希望实现直连去广告
    问题: 去广告不生效, 把direct改成config就直接再翻一次墙浪费wlan_spec优势. 是否有单纯去广告.conf

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