Write off the grid a little life experience of the past six months input obtained

He says you may not believe,Pocketed input method originally I practiced hand of a project,It's calledBoats

But in the hands to write it before,In fact, I had complained many times,They say they want to write a useful input method,Because I used Larry,The existing input method,Larry did not pay attention to how this group,The same time,Speaking on spelling,Various advertising pop red dot also put their own utility functions ah ah sentence input to these advantages buried。

until 2015 year 11 month 7 day,The first time I had to write a small input of ideas:

Now on iOS input method, most bloated and difficult to use,The system comes with and without the support of Larry,Finally spent 18 to buy it SPi function is not yet perfect want a refund。I think,A third-party keyboard will be the first app I rub on iOS。

But this is after all just a dream,later,I went off with a variety of input methods,But ultimately did not get the desired results,the second year 2016 year 7 month 20 number,I formally created the Code Project pocketed input method,Code flyinput。

Very beginning,Pocketed input method is a:

Pocketed input method - Design manuscript

And such:

Pocketed input design draft - Chinese interface

At that time I wanted,If one day,We can do a much better own input method,Without those flashy things,It can simply typing - after all,ios system Chinese input method is not supported by Larry life and death。


Later in the 8 month,I finally found the courage,Also have time to do it (actually pain free eggs),Fully understand,Tutorial shining example for foreigners,Then it ourselves,For example, this:

Shining example made out of the first off the grid input method

You see,Exactly the same with wood have? And only letters,But my heart is excited,After all, I did - this is the first time I now charge。

After several iterations,I get a third-party keyboard architecture ios,Then start your own from scratch can achieve a typing input methods,For example, this:

The first manuscript into a real design software

At this moment I am really very excited - after all, I once again realized his dream,Yes, so it was born,Although a single function,But it does use the。

This is what I often code and others say,"At least you can use",This is not my writing minimum standards code,But that at the time of writing code,The code can be compiled should keep、Executable status。

Since I also have an iPad,So from the very beginning,Pocketed input method is a universal app iPhone iPad,It may be because the software I use are those relatively sophisticated (domestic software rare),They are able to meet ios system features to enhance the experience consistency,For example the fit of the black and white system,Few people know - after all, if Apple did not put it on the table to move,But you can see the system,If you search the Notification Center,Then the keyboard is black and translucent。So, After two iterations,Not translucent,But still some black,For example, this:

The fit system of dark tones

of course,You can see,The upper right corner a few more buttons,Expressions keyboard,Fold the keyboard and switch-UK。

It is worth mentioning that:That gesture did not decline Haoshi,After all, a third-party keyboard can not do so smoothly change their height。So finally cancel the。

after that,I broke through some restrictions,Who saysDo not get full access,Can not be independently configuredThe? I used the characteristics of AppGroup,Still do this,So off the grid ios input method may be the only platform that does not require full access but you can configure the keyboard input method app in,For example, this:


Set keyboard input method app without the need for full access

In fact, a lot of input they simply do not know how to add a button shadow,Yes, they are used in "skin" is actually a map,But I do not want to do that,That is, at that time,I decided to let style keyboard and system closer,So,I tackled this problem,So this became the keyboard:


Now off the grid like input methods

At this point,Pocketed input method UI regarded as the basic shape,More features will no longer change the design of the UI。


In fact, speaking,Input this one is a lot of room for development。Now input method Sogou Baidu said that only two dominant (refer to Chinese),And their earnings are relatively simple manner,That is,Business model input method actually have the space to be tapped,And great。

Pocketed $ 40 input cells on ios,But still it has a sales,Of course, this is because it is the only platform ios a code table input method,Free code table can be used to import Shuangpin,But also auxiliary code。Here you can see,Chinese input it is not only spelling,Due to historical problems Shuangpin,Push too few people,Concept of secondary code is not known,If you can launch,In fact, not necessarily will not be accepted。Now looking back,We must use the spelling type? (So ​​you also crimes against humanity and must go on,Fortunately, low barriers to entry),Chinese input so many years,Is not it to think and promote new input method was it? (Here do not care about the voice input and handwriting input brain-wave input wonderful work ...... specifically refers to the mass keyboard typing),This is what we think should go。


Start off the grid positioning in niche niche input method,Later changed to a small minority,After all, Larry user is minimal。It may also be a large range,First off the grid input limit free,Downloads soar 6000 People,I was terrified,The next day was canceled limit free,And since then it has not turned over,But the funny thing is,I once again freezing point one yuan,Downloads only a hundred,Shows - those unwilling to pay users,I am never going to pay,Users are willing to pay,You a discount or not,They do not care,They care about your application itself。

Also worth mentioning is the,Limit free after I finished this month that sales of even coming months, sales will stop here - in fact, two weeks after the sales, how or how,It does not even affected,Even a slight increase also the second month。


As independent development,So it is my own pre-sale on the,Remainder of Code,Ordinary group to group and answering questions Niece,This time you will find a great philosophy of life:"The new user will always have"。

Whether you're a novice guide Frequently Asked how detailed and comprehensive written answers,But people do not see your temper,At the same time experiencing bug patience and detail communication is excluded bug weapon,Long-winded description of the problem five minutes to let the user to confirm,Than your own shot in the dark overnight and then fiddle to no avail much better,This is going to learn Apple's online sale,Although routine,But if you spend,Indeed able to greatly improve the efficiency of communication - especially your user may not even know what a "folder"。

Degree of completion

This is a very strange thing,Many places talking about,For example, painting,We called "shaping",So also do a product,You can not stop at the major features and functions of lace on the bin。Why do you think we can use the micro-channel,But used to feel so hard threema use? Function is the same,But to get started is uncomfortable?

What time is called to develop a complete application? To coin a phrase,Perhaps in the eyes of the master,Like no one finished painting,Also not a complete software。If you use the "details" for,That may be slightly inaccurate,My friend and I explained when using a "thoughtful" is the word,And in many places,Thoughtful comes from experience - accumulated over time。Make your application look like,Master one can see you from many hours spent in such industries or development,Change to the user's hands,They do not understand,They will feel the,This application really easy to use with them,Good or bad,Not feeling comfortable。


Write so much,In fact, nothing sharp insights,They are accumulated daily life,From concurrent to fully understand later. "Concurrent programming is not free”;From the beginning of sqlite,Later the cmph;Simply select the database from the beginning,Later the HMM Viterbi solved ...... we are all so step by step came to be,Technical difficulties pocketed input method may not be much,But rare is that it is a true、The complete project,From design,Through implementation and marketing,It has thousands of users,90% The favorable rate,highestOut of five starsRecord,I am really very touched。

From 1.0 Start version,Off the grid input has maintained rapid iterative process,I also almost full-time to do this thing,The cumulative release 22 Version update,Pocketed input method is also simple from the beginning,Many users have now become a bit bloated (a lot of people can not fully use all the features of the off grid)。 XD

If one day,If you have a chance,I will let pocketed input methods become more Niubi easier to use。


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  1. Give specials or freezing prices okay? I also heard from other forums learned pocketed input method,Line to see you write a blog post I feel very good,App store to see a few dozen also quite expensive,And other specials to download,Otherwise you do not use Sogou input method。。。Alas。

      1. Very grateful! Just to see price cuts have been purchased and use! Great ah! Put a recommendations:The reaction while holding the slide key 123 input symbol bit slow,We are hoping to smooth hurry,Thank you!

          1. iPhone X IOS11.2 latest beta version also how to upgrade? No significant native pressing smooth sliding IOS,Hope to improve the next version!

      2. How to turn off one-handed keyboard A L? IOS or directly as native as a planet to select about one-handed keyboard, right? !

          1. Will the next IOS lock screen how can not exhale pocketed input method? ! Emoji characters can not replace face pack color? Space on the left panel face the possibility of replacing key systems native Emoji? Voice input will be added later do?

  2. thank you very much! Really very easy to use off the grid,I was especially 4-inch screen when ......
    Now replaced by large-screen one-handed typing becomes a little difficult,Although it is known there are one-hand mode _(:3」∠)_

    Make a modest suggestion is hoped to open a direct draw symbols on the keyboard function display,I do not like people can be turned off。Because the plan is not intuitive symbols every time I enter the symbol should think about their position。

  3. Speak truth,Very powerful friends!
    I only recently started using semi-detached,Today, just over one week;
    Yesterday I bought a MAC version,IOS is preparing to buy when found can not be used xiaohe,I think quite a pity,After all, this input method is the smoothest I've used input method on MAC
    I will Sogou nothing to do all the various networking functions and turn off all,Even gained some fluency upgrade,But still can not achieve the experience was off the grid。As a beginner,The cost of changing the program (mainly psychological) a little big,So I do still using search dogs as a substitute。
    Have enough time to wait (after a lazy Jin),Then another pocketed some Larry programs;
    I have got a little older software,I like to use the most outstanding works。

  4. Limit free so many people buy is easy to use because this input method,valuable,Although I will not go with,But will the collection,So if you want to use later on it。6000 so the vast majority of users should not use Shuangpin,like me,Haha,Pure Collection

  5. While the user is Wubi,But see to make up for gaps in the product,Still very happy。And also very understanding,Carefully polished work process,It is the process of their growth - and this growth,Far more than technology。In fact we experienced some segments of the process to achieve the ultimate intentions of the,Also on the confidence and Methods,You can achieve the ultimate in other areas。Begins technology,Induced in the channel。Come on ~

    1. ?I understand there appears to be a problem ah,We now charge a small circle to be understood as "acts as a temporary" means ......?♂️ I will not be so with the ...... (but we are so used ah) (I was coming out of it ......)

  6. "At this point,Pocketed input method UI regarded as the basic shape,More features will no longer change the design of the UI。”
    I am afraid,For users of Microsoft Larry,You also need to change the UI ......

    I use a Dvorak + Microsoft Larry users ......

    1. In short,Pocketed input from 2.0 times to support the world's second largest keyboard,Dvorak。
      However, because the less people use,I later put it in the lab。"Off the grid laboratory"。

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