When we talk about privacy,What in the end say?

Privacy is a very wonderful thing,When you're a person,It does not exist。


Today, the Internet widespread anxiety about privacy,Often someone shouting "To protect privacy," followed by ...... but some people will say "I have nothing to hide."。Faced with this discouraging reply,Privacy advocates in addition to the heart deep sense of powerlessness,There is confused。

This privacy thing,In fact, before the Internet existed,For example, the law does not allow unauthorized demolition of reading other people's letters - this is to protect your personal privacy。

Before the Internet,Privacy media communication needs,Pornographic not you want to have there,You broke out shouting,Also could not pass the cell where you are,So at that age,People rarely talk about this "privacy",There is no "leak" argument。

Three characteristics of the Internet


Came the Internet age,We were talking about the Internet make the world into a "global village",In fact, this is to say the Internet is a major feature - [Superconductivity】。In fact, this feature has other names such as "Immediacy"and many more,Here we have to make you understand better,It is referred to [superconductivity],As the name suggests,Internet is like a superconductor,Any information and data you stored on it,It can be delivered to any location in a "moment",Whether China,Or the United States,Even the North Pole South Pole station。

It is this characteristic,Let the "Privacy" leaked as possible。

Virtual sex

You never write a diary on paper,Because you're afraid your secret (privacy) someday be read others - but you are willing to express everything on the Internet,Register a social network,Even opened a blog to do log。Do you not fear the whole world depends on it rape? Were not you scared,Because another feature of the Internet in protecting you - [virtual sex]。

No one knows who you are,There is the world of the Internet,You join the Internet is your own decision,Your identity is your own choice,In the "Online",Represents your,It is the account name of your choice,It is a reality and you had nothing to do avatar,You write the blog,Little secret of your heart,It may be in your friends and family,Your teachers and students reading - but it does not matter,Because they do not know you're the author。


This should probably be changed to "sustainability",Because it does not mean that your data can not be modified permanently。But either way,all the time,On the Internet, thousands of "web crawler",In fact, a dedicated computer terminal,In aimlessly scanning the entire network,Kept between sites and sites across,They meet all the data are preserved,For future use,Such as search engine。of course,Even some sites designed to give a snapshot of the Internet to do,They will be snapshots of different time periods for Internet data,You can at any time in the future,To review a page at any point in time past in the content - even author (webmaster) has been changed or deleted them。

In addition to mention a now very popular technical terms "high availability",that is,When you create an Internet server (actually is a 24-hour networked computers),It is actually very easy to damage,Once broken,Data is lost。thenHigh availability technologyappear,People with ten、Or a hundred devices simulate a server,You upload data to the server,Who do not know it exists specifically Taichung Which in this hundred - in fact it was all devices。Once a physical damage wherein,Your data will not be affected。

On the Internet,"Delete" This operation is in some ways actually does not exist。

The new definition of privacy

Learn the two characteristics of the Internet,Since we can talk about the main topic of this article - the Internet often say "privacy",what exactly is it。

A lot of people say, "I'm not afraid of privacy is compromised,Anyway, so many companies already know. ",This is a negative attitude,This is not the focus of discussion of this article,It is another topic。In addition there are some people so counterargument privacy:"I act magnanimous,Nothing to hide。”,This is the main objective of the discussion paper,That is the new definition of privacy。

Traditional privacy

Despite the Internet,Privacy is what we say it,This is not the legal provisions on,But we believe that the definition of life,Other than general terms. "In addition to [think] I let you know what,Other things about me are my privacy. ",Of course, such a definition would be too broad a,Significance of this article would not exist。

In short,We believe that privacy is a tradition that make you do unspeakable,You'll pay for people to know these things frustrated、Shame or anger, etc.,of course,For example, you kill,This is not called privacy。So give any examples of it? For example, you are a boy,But you have to start from gender awareness,You feel should be a woman - the idea,Your privacy,You might not want people around you know;Another example is your favorite sexy lingerie,You bought a lot of fun to play wearing underwear at home,Just for fun,But you do not want your blind date or your friends and family know,This is your privacy。
There are similar Yinji、Some strange hobby、Your letter you express your cell phone number ...... these are your traditional privacy,They let people know that in fact nothing,But you do not always reluctant to let people know clearly related。

Internet Privacy

When the popularity of the Internet,Staffing a network terminal when,The definition of privacy is no longer a purely traditional privacy。Since the [virtual] protection of the Internet,You can enjoy the thrill of wantonly exposes online without fear of being around people know - even if he sat next to you,Look at your phone microblogging,But he did not know it was you。

This explains why some people do not always like circle of friends,Not like a social acquaintance,Because of the [virtual] is a natural break,They know who you are,They are your relatives and friends and even colleagues, superiors subordinates,You must be the same in real life,Cautious,To maintain the privacy of your tradition。

Any information that may associate your real identity and the identity of the Internet together,Are youInternet Privacy

Then,How to break the virtual operator [of] information? For example, you use an account abcd to speak,No one knows who you are,You are free to admit your traditional privacy,Open your own little hobby enthusiasts looking for、Yin Ji hope to open their own experience of someone who has experience to share、To open their own ballin looking for experienced people pointing ...... this is no problem,Because of the [virtual],No one knows who you are。

Even,For address,Your Job,your phone number,Can be found on the Internet (such as a map can recall any of a Chinese house number),However, due to the protection [of] the virtual,No one knows who you are,Then the information is no value - but,If someone happens to know this information is that you - that account called abcd your message?

Only think that this is a disaster - because of the presence of [persistent],You have to leave clues abcd,Have you ever speak stays there ...... I will not describe the rest of the。

Superconductivity and the power of persistence

From the example above, we can catch a glimpse of the Internet privacy - but this information,Traditional privacy is,It may not be so important。

Such as which area do you live in,The district where you find someone to say, "I live in this district.",That may be the other side will answer you, "I am also a coincidence" - then a pleasant conversation started。 But if it is on the Internet,You publish your abcd account with "I live in this district.",Then a coordinate positioning with FIG.。Then you may have a problem。

We say that the Internet virtual sex well protected the privacy of your tradition,What are you afraid of,You big exposure in the online privacy of their own traditions,It does not focus on the protection of virtual property。Once your Internet privacy is compromised - here we say leak,Because the Internet superconductivity,You reveal a single line of information,It is also the moment that spread throughout the Internet,All who care about it are readily available。

If that was not enough to catch your attention,Then,Every day, millions of Internet sites dedicated to do full snapshot,You leaked Internet Privacy,So it will probably be permanently stored on the cloud server。The result is that in the future any time,Any one person,You can easily find it。

Always remember,Your words and deeds online,It will be conducted immediately to the entire Internet,And may be preserved [permanently]。

If you do not care,Then we might therefore infer under,Virtual sex when you have the benefit of the Internet,Those published content - may also be in that。

If you think that only a data leak,Not enough to make your virtual sex is broken,So as time growth,Accidentally leaked more and more Internet privacy,Final,Advertising will come knocking fraud。

The concept of dislocation caused by fearless

When we talk about privacy on the Internet,In fact, most of the time to talk about the two concepts confused,At this time there is an interesting phenomenon,When it comes to Internet privacy,You will use the traditional theory of privacy to fight it - so naturally Internet privacy on line is not so important,Because of privacy in the traditional,Such information may say call privacy;When it comes to traditional privacy? You will naturally use the Internet virtual sex blessing to himself,You thought, "I say does not matter what online,Anyway, nobody knew who I was - well, even if they know,Nothing "。

You've been neglecting for privacy,Talk about the importance of the privacy of people who did not treat these two were,Then the final result is, "I do not have privacy,Not afraid of leaks。”

So in the end not to protect the online privacy of tradition?

want。You can choose to open the necessary traditional privacy,For example, you seek help in time of chemists。But pay attention to the information contained in the most likely to break the virtual nature of your information - such as telephone and signature on prescriptions、For example, when the mirror or selfie content on the screen, and so on ......

You have to understand,Every piece of information you publish,They are likely to be persistent and superconductivity impact of the Internet,It will always be there,Silently waiting,until one day,[Internet] virtuality this umbrella is broken,They will become sharp dagger,Pierce your throat。

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  1. I think the anonymity and privacy are not exactly the same thing。In fact most of the time I do not care anonymity,But I'm concerned about privacy。I do not mind other people know what I have disclosure,But my mind others not necessarily required to disclose the phone number、identity number、Personal photos and other information,I do not mind others unauthorized access to information I undisclosed,Or put my information in a manner not voluntary license to use (such as Ucloud I registered to sell a mobile phone number to send advertising messages)。

    There is a TED talk video privacy I feel very good: 《Why privacy matters》 https://www.ted.com/talks/glenn_greenwald_why_privacy_matters (Chinese subtitles)

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