Let go SSH proxy server connection

Many network operation and maintenance、Or owners need to manage the server via ssh、vps,If you do not happen to,Separated by a wall between you and the server GFW,Then since GFW will analyze ssh packets,Result was slightly slower network will allow the command to card one minute。

GFW is now fully capable of analyzing traffic characteristics ssh,To determine whether you are really using the ssh server configuration,Or use it as a proxy to browse the web。

If there is any good way to get ssh like browsers as specified over the wall like。

Actually,Really have。


It comes with a single command is ssh,It can allow ssh through an existing ssh session to send commands。Simply put,Is the ability to allow ssh via ssh。

- Then,We need two vps strategy?

actually not,We would also like to use one of the following tools:


It makes ProxyCommand mentioned above that a Http proxy is ssh,Such,To achieve a ssh via http proxy。

For it macOS,Installation is simple,Can be installed directly Brew:

In short,You also need a http proxy,as far as I can tell,Almost all shadowsocks clients and various other proxy client will offer http and https proxy - here as my local environment,Using a surge, Its local port is the default http and https 6152

So,We edit the file ~/.ssh/config (If not create a new one) inside to add new content:

This default answer for all ssh command to start this - of course,There surge line is automatically selected as the back end,All sessions are enabled so it does not matter。

How to use smart selection path? For me, I have already in the whitelist。

This time,Again as usual using the ssh command to log the server it,After logging in and then exit again remember login,So you can see the last login IP address,It should already be pre-export agent of your address :)

what? You said VPN? Do not funny,gfw playing vpn accuracy rate is also worse than where to go。


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