How to customize pocketed input method?

How to customize pocketed input method?

In pocketed input method,I provides powerful customization features for you。Whether it is simply one kind of new programs Shuangpin,Or import a five-stroke input method code table,It can be completed。

First of all,We start with the concept

Key mapping scheme

Pocketed input method to use it to generate the corresponding mapping scheme,Such as smart abc、For example, the natural code, etc.。Button mapping program has two files,Such as "smart ABC.plist" then we would have a corresponding "intelligent ABC_rev.plist",The latter is not necessary,But if you want to open the "key mapping prompt",Then you also have to import it。In short,If you are not imported but pocketed manually create the mapping scheme in the input method,Everything will be done automatically。

You can see and manage all of the mapping configuration file "KeyMaps" directory。

Auxiliary code code table

For most users, Larry,May be pocketed functional requirements input would stop here,but,The advantage of using the auxiliary code is Shuangpin。It is "txt" a plain text document,It has a simple format requirements,All conform to the format of the code table document can be read off the grid and input method, supplemented by import code code table。

You can see and manage all of the auxiliary code in the code table file "AssistCodes" directory。

Primary key table

In short,This input method is off the grid essence。The same primary key table file formats and auxiliary code code table format,But a lot more content - which is why the main code table import generally significantly slower。Primary key table corresponds to a custom thesaurus,It can be up to you to specify which letters correspond to which Chinese,For example, to import a five-stroke input method code table、Zheng Code input method introducing a code table,This is possible。

It is worth mentioning that,If you use a high-quality code table,It might be considered on "four yards on a screen" function,It allows you to enter words without his mother re-code on the screen automatically!

You can see and manage all of the primary key table file in the root directory。

note:You should understand,Primary and secondary code code table code table is certainly consistent convenient format,But it's easy to import error,The approach is relatively easy to distinguish between the rate of introduction,Import speed of the main code table is very slow (because of their size)。Other,If you put the primary and secondary code code table code table confused (swap Import),The input method may also function,But the secondary auxiliary code will not most of the vocabulary,And there will be a lot of weight code words appear。

Import method

Pocketed input method supports multiple import code table method,These methods have advantages and disadvantages,They can choose their preferred way to import:

  1. Import through iTunes code table,After obtaining the code table,Your iPhone is connected to your computer,Open iTunes,Below iPhone app page,Input can be found off the grid,You can be dragged into the root directory of the primary key table,The auxiliary code code table dragged into "AssistCodes" directory,Or the Key Map file into "KeyMaps" directory,Then you can see the drop in input grid corresponding interface they friends;
  2. Import code table by Wifi,This requires your iPhone to the computer in the same LAN (if you do not know what a LAN,He is understood to have connected to the same router,Wireless Wired will do),If eligible,Then you do not need to plug the cable into the computer。Try to set the input method is probably at the bottom of the page to find the location "wifi transfer table" function off the grid,Click to go to - this time the center of the page displays a web page address,Back to the computer terminal,Usually used to open the Internet browser,Enter the URL (or IP address,But pay attention to the "//" direction,Do not mistake write "\"),In the open pages,You can be like that operated in iTunes;
  3. Import code table by using another app,This requires that you get a code table must be collated in advance of,otherwise,After importing may be given at the time of the final application。Get the code table files from other app,Such as QQ group,Code table or share files from your phone to end dropbox,Select the preview file (for most applications Key Map file may not open,it does not matter),Share button found at the interface,Select "using other apps to open" in the sharing of action (for dropbox and some other app for,You may need to select a special operation "using other applications open" to appear corresponding list,The default is shared),Then in the pop-up list (there may be an icon for many applications,It depends on the number of applications you have installed) the approximate location of the end,Found off the grid input method,Click on it,It will jump off the grid to input interface and pop up a dialog box,You only need to tell off the grid input method,What you import a file (such as a primary or secondary code code table code table) can be;
  4. Pocketed by the logarithm of the cloud input method to import code table,This requires that your phone is connected to the Internet (that is to open in terms of the popular Baidu),If they meet,Then you can log-in page views cloud pocketed all other users to share code input method table and program,Choose one that you like,Click to download just fine。

IME is pocketed make a code table file

To make a pocketed input method can be very easy to code table file,It is the ordinary "txt" text!

of course,Rules should be followed in order to drop a little cell processing system to recognize input method。(If you were ever pocketed input method produced a "custom code table" import code table,So you can rest assured - is exactly the same format requirements。)

  • coding:UTF-8 without BOM
  • text format:Line record
  • Record format:Before the word yards,Separated by a tab

for example,This is a natural part of the auxiliary code code code table:

A e
阿 a
厑 i
厑 ib
厑 ii
Actinium j
Actinium j
Actinium ja
Actinium ja
Ah k
Acridine k
Oh k
Hoarse k
Ah ka
Oh kk

Need attention:

  1. Not separated by spaces between words and code but tab;
  2. Do not empty lines;
  3. Do not have any part of the content code 26 letters outside;
  4. I remember after the code table after finishing remove all spaces replaced with a batch mode!
  5. Encoded document must be a utf-8 。

If you add that word again,In fact, part of the word is in space and any other characters,such as"。 ojh after "This is a code table to import inputs ojh candidates will appear in the period。However, based on experience in terms of,Most of the spaces are added by mistake,Please use caution。

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  1. Suggest:
    For custom input method thesaurus pocketed,Apple iPhone iPade and replace text format file sqlite,Pocketed input method can allow the user to add users sqlite file。And the input method can also be used practically in the programming。If you are interested,You can contact me。
    Pocketed input method input method of the research results is welcome!

    1. iPhone's text replacement,Off the grid can be directly input method support。For macOS,You need to drag you out,生成plist,Then drag pocketed custom coding input methods,It can automatically analyze and import。
      For iOS it,Little significance, right?
      Input method used in the program that I know is that some users to quickly enter some custom code templates to achieve with,I do not know what good you have any other suggestions?

  2. Yesterday downloaded this off the grid Wubi,Feeling good,There is a BUG,I want to be able to repair it,Every point is the open input method,It will not feel particularly smooth,It will shake for once,such as:To send text messages,To micro letter,QQ,Those who point open to input text,Pop moment,To shake it!

    1. Another:Pocketed input method does not support spelling of input,Please note;Third-party input method does not support Bluetooth keyboard,Please note。
      — For Microsoft Larry,ing on the mapping y;
      — For purple Larry,ing on the map in the c;

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