Black Apple nuclear was compatible 21:9 monitor

Some time ago I said ISave for a black high with apples,It was using an ordinary 1080p display,mine 21:9 To colleagues spent。

Now,I can not stand this 16:9,So he and I changed next,I go back to my 21:9,The results did not expect ...... Nima does not even support!

I heard hd530 drive nuclear significant not OK not result in recognition ......

In short,We still have a way to get the,Experienced a struggle most of the night,got the answer,The first is the splash screen,As shown below,Screen Resolution here to change your screen resolution manually save it:

Modify the startup screen resolution

Then display, Press opthon + Click zoom is useless,Because it does not come out with this recognition,This time to use plug-ins

Modify the startup screen resolution

A little more than the price of 100RMB,Support Alipay payment,But you can go directly to the download,Because a 10-day free fully functional trial。


Remember to download and install all the plug-ins are installed,Find your label on the left side of the display,Switch over。On the right side of the three tabs,Select the last "Custom Resolutions" and then add a custom configuration。

Resolution added a custom configuration

Specific configuration shown below

SwitchResX custom configuration

After saving the restart to take effect,Then switch up Jiuhaola!

correct,You may want this SwitchResX run silently in the background,Then uncheck it here:

Hide the menu bar icon



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    1. I had no video card installed later encounter this problem pit,In fact, I have gtx970,Too lazy to pull down the fruit with black,On my game console,Occasionally still have to play with the ~

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