Digital convergence、Triple Play、Triple play


Triple play、Digital convergence、Triple Play is actually said the same thing,But this is different in different regions called Bale。This technology is not China Unicom、mobile、Fusion Telecommunications three communication networks (While it is true that the Big Three has cut constantly tangled lingering,But here's the reason why the variously termed privations,It is to show,This triple play,Nor that triple play。) Personally,Routing'd prefer triple play or Taiwan statement called the digital convergence。


Triple play is a generalized、Socialization argument,At this stage it does not mean the telecommunications network、Physical computer networks and three cable television networks unity,But mainly it refers to the integration of high-level business applications。Its performance for the technical convergence,Can achieve interoperability on the network layer,Forming a seamless coverage,Infiltration and cross each other on the business layer,Tend to use a unified IP protocol on the application layer,In operation compete with each other、Mutual cooperation,Towards providing diversification to humans、Multimedia、The same target personalized service gradually converge,Industry regulation and policy gradually became unified。Three network through technological innovation,It can provide, including voice、data、Images and integrated multimedia communication services。This is the so-called triple play。



[task]Techniques include triple play of digital technology (basic)、Broadband Technology、software technology、IP technology。[/task]

Important to understand

Digital technology is the basis of triple play

More and more traditional media to electronic information,With the development of science and technology in recent years there are more and more electronic information technology is a digital word,Upcoming traditional analog signal into a digital only "0" and "1" digital signal,Including traditional telephony,Gradually being replaced by IP telephony,The digital television began to enter millions of households,For now,Digital technology has already been fully used in the telecommunications and computer network。This time we can not help but think,Since all the information is in the same mode (0 and 1) to spread,So why can not their networks are merged together,The use of resources to maximize it?

Broadband Technology

With Internet traffic for network transmission、reliability、Continuously improve the speed and other performance requirements,Optical fiber communication technology has been widely used,As the optical fiber communication technology to reduce costs,Speed ​​optical network one hundred year development,Optical fiber communication technology has become a triple play the best choice bearer;

IP technology

Although digital network line synchronization information obtained,But packet communication is not directly run on the Internet,Also you need to carry a bridge:IP network。With the current IPv6 gradually warming,Address shortage is no longer a problem,More and more digital terminals can be connected to the Internet without the need to go through masquerading,With various characteristics of IP addresses,You can easily achieve flow control、Quality of service and other key planning,You can also optimize routing,The entire process to ensure the availability of data。

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