OSPF link regional accreditation and certification (Port Authentication) difference

In the configuration in OSPF,There are portions of the content certification,OSPF authentication is divided into two,They are

  • Based authentication area
  • Based authentication link (port)

The same time,Authentication mode can also be divided into two,One is plain text authentication,Another is the MD5 encrypted authentication。

Here we do not discuss OSPF encryption method,It is simply illustrative ofRegional links and similarities and differences between these two types of authentication

We agreed to a topology map,Probably like this

R1(s0 / 0)—–(s0 / 0)R2(s0 / 1)——–(s0 / 1)R3

Routers connect three existing order and configuration,They belong to the area 0

This time weR1Open area and configured password authentication,R1 and R2 neighbor discovery off;

R2 in s0 / 0 interface configuration based authentication link,And R1 is the same encryption,Find neighbor relationship successfully established。

R3 can ping R1

Verify seen above,ospf link betweenOnly care about whether the password matches。Region-based encryption and link-based authentication in factCertification is a way,Just based authentication region is disposed in ospf process,You can configure the batchClassified in the same areaAuthentication interface,Without requiring a separate interface to start it。

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