Ubuntu10.06 install ati graphics driver simple tutorial

A few days ago I download bt5r3,wroteInstall back|track 5 R3 and configuration interface simple tutorialSentence,bt5r3 is based on the ubuntu10.06,This version of ubuntu just not convenient to drive manager,So,If you want to be mounted directly on to the laptop bt5r3,Graphics drivers have become a problem。

I was solved:

First of allKnow your graphics version,I want to install thisbt5r3The laptop is5xxx series graphics show you single,So ati official website to download the corresponding laptop 5xxx Catalyst drivers,Choose the operating system type and number of digits,For example, I have here is 64。
Once you have downloaded directly using the following command to install it。
sh amdxxxxx.run
All default installation,But one thing to note,It will pop asked to restart after the installation is complete,Here should be selectedWithout rebooting
【btw,If you previously tried to install ati catalyst and fail,Please use the end of the article to uninstall the driver:)】
Choose not to restart after,Execute the following command,If you are not bt5,I remember that before the order plussudo

These two graphics command to determine the correct configuration and writes the generated xorg.conf。

After the implementation of,Restart the computer now!

At last,If that does not startgdmOr notstartx,That may be your computer is a dual graphics card,RestartEnter the biosLook,Close graphicsWhat,Then remove/etc/X11/xorg.conf,So you can use the default drive into the graphical interface。

This time you can use the following command to uninstall ati drivers:

And then try to re-install!
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