Minecraft server set up in Ubuntu and mount Mod

Recently roommate Ubuntu On the run MC,I helped take a moment,However, due to his own packageTo turn over,It may not be a specific process running GM,But the overall environment configuration is quite common。

Prepare the environment

MC is running in the first java Environment,To make it run more smoothly,We still have to be installed on UbuntuOracleThe java environment:

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Under Ubuntu more simple firewall Uncomplicated Firewall

we all know,Among Linux system has a very fast hardware firewall is called iptables,It can do far exceeds the scope of the firewall, but ......,usually,We only used it as a firewall to use。

but,If you just want a port policy,That does not seem to need to face iptables That lengthy configuration commands。Now,I'll introduce you to the other a more[……]

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On Ubuntu vps and other OS's seven-step build pptp protocol VPN

After getting a vps you may need to get a stable environment as soon as possible scientific,Method uses "earth move" and is a good choice (VPN)

Of course,Now we know everything Policy,GFW has now started to begin to interfere with VPN,So this is not based VPN pptp protocol of a long-term approach (which is a bit l2tp goods relative speed is faster in terms of speed)。

All right,In short,Based on the VP pptp[……]

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Linux in the shutdown and restart


In the Linux operating system among,Some common features with the familiar Windows operating system is the same or similar operations,At the current terms of the Linux Desktop,It is quite routine office,but,If you still use Linux systems to run services,That you may have to deal with the text on the big screen,at this time,Even the most basic shutdown may become a big problem。



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Ubuntu10.06 install ati graphics driver simple tutorial

A few days ago I download bt5r3,wroteInstall back|track 5 R3 and configuration interface simple tutorialSentence,bt5r3 is based on the ubuntu10.06,This version of ubuntu just not convenient to drive manager,So,If you want to be mounted directly on to the laptop bt5r3,Graphics drivers have become a problem。

I was solved:

First of allknow about you[……]

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And turn a simple way to uninstall linux

Do not know how many new shoesUninstall linux,Often engage in corruptiongrub,Cause not enter normal windows。

Here's a very simple way,“The method of time-tested way,I have since uninstalled linux are using this method,Safety,Convenience,Shortcut。

First youMust notIn the win to linux deleted。This methoddebian and its derivative versionOn through,other[……]

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numlockx resolve ubuntu start small keyboard light does not shine

howOpen the keypadA?
After boot,KeypadThe default is not input numbers。。。

Each boot needsNum lock PressIt can be very troublesome ......。

Generally UB default keypad light is bright,However installedGnome3After not bright。There is also a lot of friends after the upgrade somehow not bright。

For too lazy to get (for example routing) Friends,Then,numlo[……]

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Linux ubuntu Gnome 3 Beautiful pictures!

Hehe,Yesterday hard all night,Days are bright to sleep,Finally gave out on the gnome3,Find,Really good ...... hey than unity

Do not say,On the map,Although there are some small details not quite perfect,But, overall,,not bad!

This shell is slightly screenshot,Left "active" in the full menu instead of g2,(Okay, I admit some chaos ......),Right by the switch ah what,This[……]

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