How easy it is to mention the right to limit the authority of the computer?

Previous article discussed,On the use in some schoolsVarious student classroom management software crack As well as inside the classroom for the very domain of electronic break,Inside the guide describes some of the methods。

But inside a little:

I said:"The change of name Registry Editor,Then you can double-click to open "This is one of the cases,There is also a group policy is to limit what out of,So even if you change your name,Copy it to no avail,Open the policy or say whatDisabled by administrator

A few days ago suddenly to the interest,In class when a simple experiment a bit,In fact,There are ways to circumvent this policy to modify the registry to achieve the purpose of the permission to open。

It is the case:

My computer is a dedicated exercise room school CCNA,Very serious restrictions,Including the U disk、cmd、Registry、Group Policy、management、control panel、Process Manager ...... so all you can think of all the things strategy gave out =。=、

My goal is simple:

Insert U disk to copy data。(Laughter,Later still did not succeed,Continue to look ~)


First, since he is disabled so much,Certainly to install the driver features to a policy of,Otherwise you will not want to open the driver did not drive ~,Or registry。

(Also,It may be to restore the card features,Previous articleI mentioned to break his password recovery card,I see the background is this feature,This may open the room。)

So,Or start from the very domain of electronic classrooms plaintext password,If you do not knowthis matter,A quick look at the。


I was ready to engage in the very domain of electronic classrooms password when found the problem,Then I try to get rid cmd domain of electronic classrooms pole ... and then discovered the tragedy ...... cmd is also a strategy。

So I found this command:

reg add “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesSystem” /v DisableRegistryTools /t reg_dword /d 00000000

This is a command to add the registry entry,It used to open the Registry Manager permissions - it needs to perform in cmd in,Although the policy has been lost cmd,but! We also have a batch!

If your computer is connected to cmd are blown away,I think Folder Options such things they will not let the,But that's okay,We follows:

  1. Open Notepad
  2. As written statement
  3. Click File → Save As
  4. Save as type, select All Files
  5. Then add the file name behind .bat
  6. Save

This time you look at the saved file,Batch is it! ~ Cmd window, double-click the fleeting,Yes! Open the Registry Editor again,Already edited。

The next step is easily unlock all the authority:


In the above path open,Inside is a variety of a variety of items banned,The value to 0 was not prohibited。

At this point,At least you've got all permissions for this computer - in fact,,Because of the inherent rights management deformity windows,Generally administrator account then policy permissions,And not directly to a common account,Because that in itself will be very tragic,So,You should now be worthy of the name is the administrator account,Then he pulled a new user,Was added to the Administrators group,,...... Then do whatever they want it!

Below gone。。。

In fact, we see here, then you have found,This actionMuch larger than the harvest process results,Then I actually got permission after find very domain of electronic classrooms password,But because this is a new room ...... so ...... ...... Khan password is not the same,In short there is no recovery card password to get it

So I hit driver,However, U disk and can not read and write properly,Although it is possible to identify ...... next consider software like Driver Genius try,I may be wrong driver hit。

All right,This simple little game in the school room to fiddle fiddle nothing very interesting,butDo not do bad thingsOh ~



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