Google launched a free public DNS server

Andy build thisBlogSome days,Mmm。

It has been good,Downside is that the speed is not fast,Probably with a small local network-related security here,Friends did not happen。

Until yesterday,We have problems,Andy is the site not open ...... ...... Could it be that decisive contact customer serviceOverseas HostIsblockThe? !

Results desperation people came to give Andy a big shot ...... weighs,everything is normal。

Andy will use the point means (hey we all know will not say) can be found on the ah,Then ask a friend,Also on,I had no choice,Why is my blog not only me on?

Later, after investigation,Find reasons。Netcom dns hijacking……

DNS hijacking telecommunications common manifestations of the following ways (almost Netcom,Not with looking huh)
1)Open top site,Telecom is the first out of spam。Some time ago a lot of places,Open Baidu will let you see when your ad a few seconds telecommunications,Just jump to Baidu。This situation many places feedback,Since reflect too Qiang Lie,Now in most parts of the basic Cancel。
2)Hit open website,Including domain name does not exist,Hand mistakenly entered the wrong URL,Even the site of 404 pages,They will be forced to jump into the telecommunications own so-called "correction" page,Above flooded with spam。Common page telecom number of knowledgeable,118114search for,VNET VNET page。This is the most common way。
3)The third case is reflected not by much online,I have come across in Suzhou。Foreign websites,Foreign friends can open,I'm not alone,Later found to be hijacked by the local telecommunications shield,Telecom unauthorized turned out to be bundled with the so-called "green line" service,Any shield any address,And hijack their own jump to the page advertisement。


I know why even open site after reading,There will be a yellow small ads pop up ...... Khan

Here is a small safe Internet routing,On a whim,The backup into the main,You can open up,But since read the above information,The heart of a cross,Or change it ...... not insurance ah ~

Not long ago stumbledGoogle released a set of free dns,So I posted up for everyone。

I believe such a set of numbers who watched will never forget it! Ha ha

Address is8.8.8.8 and8.8.4.4

Other,Andy advice is to ask the8.8.4.4Or directly set as the primary set this,because8.8.8.8Andy is not open in the blog ......

That latter stillSome sites openof,Haha,This is just great,Yellow small pop-finished go ~ ha ha!

Other,Andy is to use the8.8.4.4Oh!

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