PAC with multi-proxy load balancing is similar COW

Some time ago I found using COW this projectAgents do have a very nice feature is that two agents can achieve load balancing and more lines! It is a major default do other backup,By configuring,The proxy mode to hash, you can achieve load balancing multiple lines!

Of course, COW is flawed,It is strange for the first site will be directly connected at least once,This will cause DNS leak,About this before I[……]

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It is time to use the PAC whitelist

As early as 12 years time,I wrote an article,More beautiful intelligent PAC! -Flora,introduced Flora this project,At that time we said gfwlist Every so often it needs to be updated to run well,Otherwise, there will be a lot of pages does not open。

gfwlist blacklist is an open source project,It consists of thousands of users gathered from contributions,In order to achieve self-being GFWed domain[……]

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