How do I learn English

My English level is not high,Performance is not good。My interest in learning English is not great,Syntax may now be over, but junior high school students。

But I still got the third prize of National College English Contest、Able to read some of the books is not fluent in English、Sweating can translate English articles、Manual can fluent in English reading various software、Bored able to stroll around the forums and websites in English、You can still read an English or American TV movie without subtitles situation。

I know that this level is not worth showing off what,I still have not had the English four,I write English composition is also beginning I vernacular。But perhaps the problem circle,I have friends around,There are few people showed a high level of English。

As if I could always feel the Internet should be a common sense can always run into people who do not use the mouse to open the computer does not like,Around me these weak proficient software and hardware development network of friends will know nothing about abcd。

but me,It became such a heterogeneous。

Every time a friend and talk about this issue,The answer is actually surprising consensus:Looked dizzy。This I understand,They say I do not understand,I said I really understand,They say I really do not understand - because I have learned the English!

I said I really really understand,Whenever I see the Tibetan language as well as French Japanese Korean etc. In addition to all English language Chinese,I always feel this way。

If you want to be a metaphor,I think,Learning English can be likened to learning to use TV:There are two ways to learn how to use TV,One is the leaflet,Then explore several times more than their own,Finally found how to use the remote control,TV how open - over time,Skilled,It will be the;Another principle is to learn the TV,And then they get to know ...... In short infrared learning to understand the integrated circuit TV in the end is what,I know it comes from those techniques,That no matter what kind of TV,I think you play for a few minutes to get started,We will certainly use this TV up。

The purpose of these two pathways can reach a final - use the TV to watch TV。But the process is different,To the big,That is, empirical and theoretical doctrine;Or that faction and the academic community - we do not discuss them here,I want to say is focus:You can not be afraid TV

If you see TV,I have not yet begun to give up,That in any case you can not learn to use the TV。The same is true of English,You do not base,Am is are you even do not understand,You can see more and know what it is in appearance,You can also get to know the syntax to understand the etymology and see where they came from - but you can not because of a lot worse than others,Because I do not understand too much to give up?

I have not yet begun to end,I would like nothing more sad than this。

It begins with the long-winded so much,My biggest goal is to let you down on the English fear of the unknown - the saying goes:In fact, the best of life trough,Because no matter which direction,They are up

My journey

My English is not very good to have,And I hate grammar - we may be too far behind this small town,My third grade began to learn English have this course - Note,Lesson is there,Not how to be a teacher。

So,By junior high,I am honored and got exactly the same elementary school textbooks ......

I am honored to get high school and the junior high school textbooks exactly the same ......

Of course,Teacher for a batch after batch,However, English teaching method is the same,The only change is the way to become a test of word class representative from test to test, it is a teacher exam papers。

My english,150 points in the papers,It has stabilized at 80 points up and down。

Turning point

My entrance distinctive,I sprint exam sprint 100 days 100 days in Internet cafes,The three months,I "sleepless nights" to play all the time all the stand-alone Internet cafes Me(Only half a month),Then I discovered the New World:Movies and TV shows

Because I look at the movies,I looked through the year and then a few years ahead of all American movies,I naturally went to the US drama - had already read "Prison Break" I started watching "Lost",Began to chase, "Vampire Diaries" ...... a full three months had passed。

The result is due to:Although I have no school for six months (third year in Beijing are learning to paint),But English was accidentally upgrade in the entrance to the 96 points。

So reflect on it,I learn English roots,It may be based ESL(English as a Second Language)Into the door。


Later to Cisco certification exam,Questions are in English,To back exam,CCNA bite the bullet back the thousands of test questions - do not laugh at me,Because I reallyOne does not remember! Yes,I did not complete all the questions before the end of the exam 20 minutes,I swear:My mind went blank on the test,Because it is completely their own and then answer a question a reading of。

- In short,I had,In addition to a certificate of CCNA,I also gained the ability to read English:)


No longer afraid of English,You will find that in fact the original English on "very high" the,The limit is your own perception of fear in English。An article in English,Read half black on the eyes;If it is an English book,I'm afraid you will fall to the ground foaming at the mouth-drawing the straight leg。But to overcome the fear of English words in itself,Read or understand a general idea of ​​what the problem is not。

In an accidentally,I read some of the simple version of English classics,I am very surprised,I like this half-baked horizontal,Relish breath could have read three chapters! There is not even encountered a strange word!

This gave me great encouragement,of course,It also please here not long ago I was determined to test four it will be back all four of the word - Unfortunately, it was a school can not test four,Were dropped。


In fact, in retrospect,In addition to the impact of some of the biggest thing for me somehow naturally,That is, passive exercise - my own initiative to learn the experience is still relatively small - crazy do question some time ago before practice exam is also there,But it recently occurred in the。

I think that is probably a big impact since junior high school I contacted my computer,Fiddle with something yourself,At that time I had already started contacting error in the English、Linux play later when the system is in English,Tip is in English,Reference command in English、Related Websites troubleshooting time to find the foreign forum is,Even the word commands are in English! How to do? Online computer repair bad no(I was the only one computer Debian,Windows boot broken。)I can only bite the bullet and read the English!

But also because it was a event,I now use Linux commands very skilled,And do not be afraid CLI - I think,The reason to learn English and they are the same。

My English level is not high,Write the word of those occasionally spelled correctly,But these are not important,For a program ape,You can easily read out the pronunciation of any word,It should not be a tall order - after all,If I would not be so a little bit of English,On the status of such domestic,I was not so quick to learn the Swift。


These two are way to learn English,The former is a very successful teaching method,And our high school junior high school learning methods mostly based on the copy over,Called "English as a Second Language",In fact such learning method will result in learning English not the slightest useless,Because people developed ESL is to give foreigners the United States to learn English fast Well - What's the Difference? That no Americans around you ah! Nobody speaks English but also how ESL?

So it was proposed EFL,Called "English as a Foreign Language" This concept,Most of my way to learn is now so,But I also said above,You may see the US play in that period of time,I had vaguely from ESL into the door - I think,No matter Kan Bukan subtitles,Who 10 hours a day 100 days of continuous listening to English he can follow the English way of thinking about it ......

In short,This article was written clueless did not focus ............ I use my own experience to tell you,I somehow kept such aStill canEnglish is not how much effort it takes,Get rid of their ownFear of English itselfIt is the top priority! As for the rest of,To give time to it!😀

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