How Kali Linux install Parallels Tools

Has long been,Kali Linux installed on Parallels Desktop is unable to install Parallels Tools,This is a very painful thing,When you try to install Parallels Tools,Will meet either lack of make ,Or lack of kernel sources,The former has been installed,The latter always has no solution。


now,I finally found something to install Parallels Tools in the Kali Linux way! Ah ha ha

Of course,This is not my original。At all events,At least installed,This method takes slightly longer,Because Parallels download required accessories,Size between 70~300M ... ... Concrete is not clear。

First of all

Copy CD files,Just build a list of the desktop in it,Or direct install prompts do not have permission;


Enter store CD files directory,Execute the following command to modify the permissions

All files in this directory to maximum,Because it is temporary,In order to avoid permission problems,We give 777,Installing the deleted。


Use the following command to install

Specific installation steps similar to the text-interface setup steps,Then it will prompt you before installing "is missing the attachment to download。”


Before you start the download,You want to make sure your computers (virtual machine) is a networking,Otherwise, after waiting for a long time may get the result is timed out;Other,Try to update your Kali Linux,See how the speed of update source,From my experience,Download attachments are downloaded from the source,So you need a relatively fast speed of update source。

Waiting to download the update

This step no progress bar and no percentage if you are using a shared-mode network,Traffic monitoring software on your computer (firewall) may be able to capture the PD process flow,Anyway, I use aliyun mirror source,Speed 20KB/s,Waiting for over an hour ... ... Don't remember,While playing the game hangs,Final installation is complete。

Completed at the moment is really neiniuman!



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