How to install ESXi ESXi?

Install a virtual machine in a virtual machine

I think is not what mysterious thing,VM virtual machine can be installed as a VM ESXi experimental environment,But this, after all, is limited by the ability level of the personal computer,Start experimental test or what will make people very upset,So,This time we will try to come installed on a real ESXi ESXi server,This should be more than installing multiple ESXi in a virtual machine performance to improve a lot,Such experiments from the new feature of what is no longer so tangled it。

Ready to work

You need an already deployed vCenter,Web Client ESXi host server,This is not to say。

You need an ssh client (for example putty),Because the next step is to modify the host in a file。

Open dry!

All right,Since this is in someone else encounter when debugging,So now I do not have the natural environment can not be shot,I'll try to describe,End of the article will give two reference page,One is the Traditional,One is the English word,Both are graphic tutorials,But I hope you can brush the page picture XD

first step,Please open the ssh service ESXi

The specific configuration I do not speak,Because it seems to be open by default,But I troubleshooting the machine is turned off,In short, under your Baidu open ssh method and then open it the line。

Next, use the ssh client to log in to your ESXi host up,IP address is the address of the host administration,Natural username is root,You manage this password is used when ESXi host password,When you install ESXi also set the password,Go after,I hope you have some basic console commands ......

modify/etc / vmware / config This document:

The second step add a virtual machine

This nothing to say,Select Custom,Then focus on the type of virtual machine inside you may not find on ESXi type option in the "other" in,If there is no,Please select the linux RHEL6 x64,That is uppermost。

Please select E1000 NIC;

Then another point is the hard disk drive model,please choose"LSI Logic "Remember not to select the virtual like,Otherwise undetectable hard disk;

The third step is to modify the configuration

Do not rush to go at this time to start the virtual machine,You do not have good configuration。

Continue to modify the virtual machine's configuration,For example, add a disc image or something,Then the focus is on the type common at this time inside the system "Others" should have the option in the ESXi! Do not be discouraged if you do not,RHEL can be kept unchanged。

In the CPU virtualization inside select "Use Intel Vt-x/AMD-V for instruction set virtualization and Intel EPT/AMD RVI for MMU virtualization"Keyword is RVI,In fact, the last one,Do not choose the wrong。

At last,Start the virtual machine to start installing it

Finally, if there is a warning not support hardware virtualization during installation,You may not modify /etc / vmware / config This document,Or modify unsuccessful,If you are determined to get rid of,Then restart the physical host should no longer have。Other,Modify the BIOS in the virtual machine inside seems to be no necessary。

In short

So we can continue to install ESXi ESXi in the,The last encounter a problem that needs to be verified on promiscuous mode,Among the physical machine, then turn promiscuous mode,It will lead to interoperability between virtual machines in question,Open promiscuous mode on virtual ESXi should be the right way,But I have not had time to do so,If the theory is not open,Will lead to the virtual ESXi client can not communicate with the upper client ...... Well,In short it is experiencing network problems, please switch promiscuous mode XD


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