Android added the local calendar uses event feature

Android phone,Built-in calendar is synchronized without creating an accountEvent function is not allowedof,It will prompt you to create an account。

Routing into a new paragraphNokia XCell phone,This phone is wonderful,It cut off the Google services,This led directly to the only Exchange can use,But it is depressing that Exchange could also synchronize cannot be。

Is there no way to use the native calendar can only do additional download a calendar software?

There is! On the routes below will teach you how to Android don't sync account,Directly add a local calendarTo enable event functions!

First of all, please go to the software store to download a calendar software

Business calendar, Business Calendar

And then with this software,When you first open it will prompt you to select the calendar--this time it was empty,Because your phone is not。

Then you select menu-Add a local calendar,A name for any local calendar completed save sets。

This time, you go back to the original calendar,Isn't it,More than a local calendar?

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