Goodbye hooligans,Goodbye dnspod

Dnspod Home

Dnspod Home

As the once booming domestic DNS resolution service providers,dnspod In the godaddy NS has just been certified during that time to resolve domestic high speed services of good quality and recommended by the majority of Web hosting providers,Our group of mindless small bloggers will have to takeThird-party NS resolution

Actually, I was dnspod It's nice, too,Resolved faster,Creates a new domain name,Starting from a few minutes to take effect now only takes a few seconds to,Really make a lot of heart--in addition to being attacked,Ok,Good now。

----Until last night,I suddenly discovered that my blog will not open。At first unconscious thought"Oh,Has finally come to this day,Certified。”

But I picked up the ladder and you still can not visit,Ping out and found that the domain name resolution is not successful。Realize that is the domain name problem。Using the dig command from analysis,Pulling IP address correctly,From can't,Return null。I was wondering,Internal DNS to resolve,Foreign work?

Google,Just what I thought,Dnspod is bullying! After many people had encountered use dnspod ledGoogle Webmaster ToolsAlertGoogle bot Unable to access Web sites,Then I will think of some time ago does occasionally weird Google bot warnings,I thought it was a host problems(Yes,Currently I use a virtual host ~)

Do not check does not know,Check the jump,Now websites have launched DNS resolution service,Also comes with CDN!

  1. 360So rogue,I do not consider;
  2. Company cloud accelerationToo rogue and I don't consider;
  3. SpeedThe divorce with Baidu's interface look how cock wire;
  4. Security treasure…… This name I want to use;
  5. This looks more heartbreak;
  6. Aliyun parsingIs actually changing the brand of network analysis,Do not record does not allow URL forwarding do not;
  7. godaddy Also have a separate DNS resolution,But got a bad wall, forget;

Now think about it,At home could not trust,With regard to foreign,I finally locked namecheap and cloudflare The two,The former opens too slow,Which CDN IP occasionally by the wall。

I want to transfer namecheap of,After all I still have their preferences,Namecheap to resolution requiring message authentication,My space does not provide mailboxes,I use the domain name QQ mailbox,Dnspod not abroad then parses,The result is I can't get verification mail!

Okay, okay,I finally transferred the cloudflare,Incidentally, there are security and CDN isn't it? Switched VPS front in preparation for the future ... ...

You don't take effectVery fastof,Every minute of my local has been able to resolve over。

When I write this article as of now,Since DNS global effect,I have successfully received by Namecheap to verify message,Consider resolution to do well Namecheap as a backup。


Last sentence make up,Dnspod if you free logoGreenInstead of gray,Then you can parse lines inside select foreign lines,And each resolution individually to do the same abroad as an additional line analysis,It can also make foreign normal DNS resolution domain names。Taking into account previously set not needed,Now suddenly need,I think it is a good goodbye early。

Another,MX record abroad even set lines,Seems to not take effect,Otherwise, I was able to receive a verification message Namecheap。

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