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Today, the route is no longer recommended to use this method to remove ads,Jailbreak pro who can go to Cydia search artifact lessAD,Page, then there adblock,No jailbreak pro can also look at how the venue hereDo not remove the jailbreak annoying banner ads

correct,If you are interested,You can also look at the "Do you like to read it? Buy mini rabbit does not know how to use? If you are a university student,Let me give you some advice!


Apple's mobile operating system,Like iPhone,iPad,There is always a lot of free applications have banner ads,There are many methods to remove ads,I think it's best to modify the hosts file to redirect the domain name to the local IP ad,Below is the route itself save the hosts entry,Not possession out to share with you。

Recently every day to read a book,Nothing you write the expensive ...... sorry。。。

It draws more entriesHereandHere,I use artificial visual method to remove the duplicate entries ......

hosts address / private / etc / hosts you may need to jailbreak ......

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          1. Before seeing the news that seems to be removed through the routing proxy app ads,I downloaded a country song called God hunter app,Also by proxy to remove video app ads,But it can not seem to remove the app banner ads

          2. By DNS-generation anti-hijacking? Through the router it is possible! But only through the Internet router can,In that case you need a router running openwrt or ddwrt:)

    1. Yes, it is,After the jailbreak to access to the hosts file,However, this method is theoretically applicable to all mobile phones and computers,But is this a few more entries for the Apple series equipment ads,I do not know what other platforms Andrews what the campaign:)

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