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This time in preparation for a called "triple play" technology race,The game may be used HuaweiSoftCo9500Softswitch,By learning a few days,I summed up some of the more commonly used troubleshooting commands,Below for some simple examples to explain,These commands are a lot of overlapping content,Routing hope you will choose the most appropriate commands in the actual situation according to their needs。Although the practice is not necessarily all use,But for the game is typical among,It is indispensable。Due to the limited level of the author himself,Rush wording,Omissions,We look to our readers to be corrected,In the ensuing days, if I found a better use of the command or commands which can be removed,Updates will come in time。

18Number Update:Using the new code label,So that the code will not be misplaced,It looks more comfortable。Removed a deprecated command (command #sh office has been replaced)。[/warning]

[noway]Another:(Since the command translation) and this article is not strictly distinguish between internal numbers、Prefix and prefix definitions of terms such as。[/noway]

1、See all current machines in the game (forwards) prefix #sh prefix

Function Description

Use this command to quickly see the correspondence between a prefix to the Board,So as to achieve the purpose of quickly troubleshoot errors。In CallAttribute column,Content local prefix between the bureau prefix,When compared to inter-local prefix。In view of the degree of competition,CallCategory should be as basic column,Otherwise mismatch。
After a review of certain details about what prefix rearmost,You can directly view the list associated with the called analysis,Note that the list with the subject than the number and types of modifications, etc.。If CLDPredeal Information no content and is not associated with the legend!

2、See gateway access information #sh sipue

Function Description

Use this command to quickly see the relationship between the gateway and registered softswitch,Quick View enabled gateway phone ,To quickly determine the phone number and availability。

StatusColumn showsOK/LOGINIndicates that the number of normal and gateway,IPIP address bar should correspondIP Gatewayaddress,if not,You need to modify or reconfigure。

3、View all users within the current client list #sh subscriber

Function Description

Use this command to quickly determine the corresponding number of available state,StateThe fence should be IDLE,It shows that the phone is idle standby,Otherwise incorrect,Must comply with other commands to troubleshoot errors!
Another,Here error may be broadband issues,Or gateway configuration problem。

4、 View the current machine in the Bureau to the list #sh office

Function Description

Use this command to configure the Bureau to quickly determine and relay link,TKGTypeThere are barSIP/Be right,Otherwise drain with agreement,Unidirectional nowhere。In the details of which you can view the current Board to the corresponding prefix、Game's IP address、Board selection code corresponding to。Here you can quickly see the other server IP addresses to numbers by Bureau。

5、View the current machine in the form of all prefixes to modify the index #sh predeal

Function Description

See Modify the form index,This command can quickly determine the function of a modification of the form and content,Simple Troubleshooting。For more information you can also check the correspondence between the Authority and a single form prefix。

6、Display the current machine all trunk links #sh trunkgroup

Function Description

Use this command to quickly see all of the relay link has been established within the current machine,Get group number corresponding to the link to the Board,So as to modify the calling number to prepare。

7、View the current machine relay links Form #sh peercomponent

Function Description

Use this command to quickly get the current relay link relations,View other domain,IP address,Board to set code, etc.,So as to achieve rapid troubleshooting purposes mismatch。

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