iOS platform SQLite Performance Optimization


In the ios platform,Permanent storage of data so few,比如说 coredata,For example realm,There are several options of nosql,But unfortunately,Several programs to support functions are still too few nosql,So let their selection is very sad - after all,,If it is a simple application of the words,It is not as good as other programs to facilitate quick - although the trend is nosql[……]

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iOS Concurrency:Getting NSOperation and Dispatch Queues

Recommended by a friend,Encountered such a good article describes concurrent,I translated it for everyone to read。I am not a professional translator,Limited level。Error is inevitable,If readers find the text is wrong,Welcome messages treatise!
Article translated appcoda iOS Concurrency: Getting Started with NSOperation a[……]

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IOS removal of advertising hosts


Today, the route is no longer recommended to use this method to remove ads,Jailbreak pro who can go to Cydia search artifact lessAD,Page, then there adblock,No jailbreak pro can also look at how the venue hereDo not remove the jailbreak annoying banner ads

correct,If you are interested,You can also look at the "Do you like to read it? Bought a mini rabbit does not know how to use? If you are a big[……]

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About Cisco router% Pool globalnet in use, can not destroy solutions

In the study CCNA related courses NAT Network Address Translation content,When the practice often requires no out a dynamic NAT or PAT address pool

Cisco IOS NAT table as long as the provision of translation entries have included the address of the address pool,You will be able to modify or delete the address pool。

at this time,You enter

(config)# no ip nat pool pool_name


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