About All in One of GNS3 prompt "Analyzing dynamips version failed" solution

The first run on a Windows systemAll in One的GNS3when,Have a variety of configurations setup wizard,In the testdynamipsWhen prone to "Analyzing dynamips version fails"Prompt,A lot of people stuck in here at a loss。- I have encountered this problem。

Out of the Internet,Find information related to a good few,It was agreed that as long as the installedwinpcapEverything will be fine,ActuallyIt is notSuch,Unfortunately for installing the latest version ofwinpcapAfter the things no one filed。Now,I have to say something about the follow-up thing。


First of all,yourGNS3It should be installed into a standard English path,Chinese should also OK,Do not haveWeirdCharacters such as spaces or something;

Then install the latest versionwinpcap;

Finally found in the root directory of GNS3wpcap.dllThis file is deleted。

This time to re-open GNS3,Perform the test again,While CatonFinally, after testing by:)

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