Access、Trunk and Hybrid and this VLAN

Three modes switch port

On the switch,There are three commonly used configuration mode,Respectively Access (Access),Trunk (trunk or trunk) as well as Hybrid (Hybrid),These three interfaces operating mode determines the corresponding interface for processing the attitude data packets on the switch。Nowadays,Routing to elaborate on these three models。


Since the switch has divided the virtual LAN VLAN function is,So it[……]

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Internet access via PPTP VPN authentication

Scenario Analysis

Many people want to build one of their ownWIFI_WEBCertified Network,The main technology used is Portal (Portal),It can authenticate legitimate users through WEB page。Through this technology to do a certified third-party solutions haveWIFIAPWIWIZ,Both companies are more representative。According to my investigation,Wah also Portal Solutions,Cisco alone I have not found a correlation[……]

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About All in One of GNS3 prompt "Analyzing dynamips version failed" solution

The first run on a Windows systemAll in One的GNS3when,Have a variety of configurations setup wizard,In the testdynamipsWhen prone to "Analyzing dynamips version fails"Prompt,A lot of people stuck in here at a loss。- I have encountered this problem。

Out of the Internet,Find information related to a good few,It was agreed that as long as the installedwinpcapEverything will be fine[……]

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A simple example Cisco routers DHCP and DHCP relay configuration

Today came across configurationDHCP relayThe problem,Suddenly I found that I had actually not noticed,Even sometimes do not know how to engage,And later I had to Google it very awkward ......,Now recorded as follows:

I was not on the map topology,Simple words to describe:



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