Xcode meanings in various Sent Event

In Xcode,We give iOS platform App,Will inevitably have to add a button to bind an event,At this time there is a statement,You will find a button touch event already not before a "Touch Up Inside" so simple。

Referring to FIG title,There are at least not so much in some events can be for your choice,In more features at the same time,Novices may be more ignorant of the force?

This time we take a look at these events,What exactly are the kind of gesture:

Did End on Exit

Users click Return or Done button will trigger this event;

Editing Changed

Changes in character change,The cursor changes to the starting position and so will this event;

Editing Did Begin

Get the focus when the Field;

Editing Did End

Focus leaves field;

Touch Cancel

A system event,Click Cancel the current operation area,Generally will not trigger;

Touch Down

Press the button to trigger the moment;

Touch Down Repeat

Region repeated touch-down event,For example, double-click。At the same time touch-down will be triggered twice;

Touch Drag Enter

Touch Drag Exit

Touch Drag Inside

Touch Drag Outside

The four pairs of,For example, you press a button on the hand,So this moment,Touch-down event triggers,Then you continue to drag,It is a touch-drag,If you have been dragging in the range of buttons,Then the trigger is repeated inside,Out of the range of buttons that moment,Trigger exit,Continue dragging a button outside,Repeat the trigger is outside,Drag back the moment,That enter ;

Touch Up Inside

Press and release the button within the scope;

Touch Up Outside

Press the button, but outside the scope of the release button within range;

Value Changed

For example, when the equivalent of changing the trigger controls UISwitch UISlider。


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