Talking about social engineering and hacking

Social engineering is what exactly? On Baidu Wikipedia is this explanation:Social engineering is adopted on the establishment of the theory of natural、And means of social and institutional reality in accordance with particular emphasis on two-way planning and design experience to solve various social problems step by step。

But if you look carefully,This definition is specious,Social engineeringWhat,how did it get here,What use,Exactly how to use,In the country which are not yet clear。Social engineering is not to teach you how to lie,Not against the law to teach you,Which itself is only a means and methods of social。

Skilled use of social engineering people,For example, the police solve the case,More popular abroad this year the country also increasingly popular private detective,They also call themselves social engineering teacher,Also said social engineers,The former reads out a mouthful,The latter is likely to cause ambiguity,And I think,ReadSocial engineering scientistIt would be more appropriate。Social scientists like to use social engineering in social means to gain your trust,So from your mouth、Around、Around to get more and more valuable information,These are legitimate (No harm to anyone,Note that is a legitimate social activity),They use this information to go elsewhere to get more information,More valuable information,It is also legitimate,until one day,If this information he sold to someone else,That there may be illegal。But in fact,Social engineering scientists mostly acquired information,It may be an electronic document,It may be a word,Even a picture,He walked copy,Your files are still there,like a statue,To a large extent,He did not take anything you something:)

So social engineering (Social scientists) And hacker also has to do with it? This has to start with is social engineering itself。As the "social engineering" this statement (In fact, it can not be called discipline) Was originally developed by a hacker to make it popular,So often talked about social engineering,People always forget to think of hackers balabala keyboarding,Actually,If you do not point computer technology,This social engineering scientists are really bad when:)

Social engineering (Let us give it a hat buckle disciplines) Is a complex subject,Unlike the language of mathematical physics such a separate account,Only you need to be proficient in a,The other as an auxiliary enough。In social work from the big perspective,It can be understood as several unrelated directions,This includes:psychology、computer science、Detection and anti-detection and other disciplines (Subjects described in detail here temporarily,The author is limited level of knowledge,It does not purport to be comprehensive but to no over wording) Psychology direction segments include behavioral psychology、Social Psychology、Personality psychology are required to dabble。Detection and anti-reconnaissance well understood,Since you're going to the social,Go to "lie",So do not let people grab a small tail is an essential skill ah!

the last one,Is computer science,That is, we often say,Become a hacker,this means,You can not just be Chinese,It will not only be programmed in windows operating system,I think not ......,Now you should be able to have relations with the social engineering hackers have a general understanding of the。

Social engineering,Disengagement hacking technology is difficult to achieve,Because it is not just rely on one or the mouth,Also will not rely on trust to acquire information,But deception、Intimidate、And even bribery,It is against the law,It is not called social engineering。Because you hurt others,And even unrelated people。Whenever you understand a little bit of hacking techniques,If you are very clever technology itself,That better,Using social engineering to obtain information when,Will play a finishing touch。of course,You do not understand social engineering,You are a powerful hacker,When you go to get some information may be very difficult,Really could not start,Perhaps you can also try to use social engineering to crack from the side,why? Because you may not need to complete up to 128 violent operation that is full of special characters and upper and lowercase letters of the password,Just need to get a phone call away。In fact, in the country,Many people are really so dry,In fact, this also explains why people mention social engineering,Think of hackers,Because the domestic is really like this ...... but you have to understand the fact that:Social engineering technique in itself is inseparable from hackers,But not only the hacker will be able to take advantage of social engineering,The social engineering nor to the invasion and deception born,Simply by hackers at just the right time and just the right place to take advantage of the,So it famous by hackers light。


Having said that,Relations would like to see this article that you can straighten social work and hackers,Social scientists is not necessarily the hackers,But he will be hacking techniques,Such talk seems more clearly huh,Hard yards so many words,More than a thousand,Long time did not write such a long text,Here's what why I write this article。

I'm routing,Road route,Route by,I have a very handsome English code-named Router。I contacted social workers,Quite by chance,When the class teacher talked about Kevin,Also he talked about his "The Art of Deception" "The Art of Deception",So I bought reading,This really started for me a new door:Invasion and defense battlefield perhaps never in the network!

I also recommend to social engineering you curious to read,This book is also known asSocial circles most classic tutorial,Social engineering is the author of the most famous academic masterKevin Mitnick,Good use of a story book,From many angles statement to cause you to ponder,The story is very interesting,End reviews are also very thought-provoking,The book is not much technical content writing ink,All straightaway,But you look carefully,You will find,Whenever the use of hacking techniques inside the place,Both areCrowning touch

Reading this"The Art of Deception"I think how much you can get the idea of ​​social engineering,But there is always the feeling of no avail,Because this book's story takes place in a foreign country,lifestyle,It includes different social atmosphere,Make you feel at home is totally inapplicable。But no,Just solid foundation (We looked at the classic textbook) Then the superstructure is a piece of cake (Readjustment domestic atmosphere)!

If you do not lose interest in the case) Here you should read this"Hacker social engineering attacks Portfolio"This book came out with a non-secure,It should be the first book to explain the system of social engineering books,This book has the advantage that the wording brisk,Elaborate,This paper focuses on examples of very down to earth,Even if you know nothing about hacking,It can also be used as the basis for literacy perspective,From this perspective,Written in a very good。But if you want to understand social engineering,I can only recommend that you read the invasion of instances can be,Learn at social engineering in which the invasion What role。Because the author of this book is clearly not yet released dependence on hacking techniques,Intrusion mostly for individuals,For the very few companies,Use of social engineering is very simple,More sophisticated is dependent on network technology to achieve,Not to say that there are wrong (In fact, I still admire the author,In my level,Far worse) But that way for social engineering exercise is still inadequate。

In the book, she said to explain the psychology section,Yeah knowledge,But it may give you the wrong impression - as the heart of your project scientist,She always talked to him face to face。This is a very serious mistake,Actually,And you talk to people across the farther,The more secure you,In fact, many times,The parties are completely unaware of who you are。Also, as half of the book written:"When you invade,Preferably around half the globe come back。”


All right,Having said that,That is, to half the social engineering know anything you recommend two books,To write about my own book review,This is what I have just finished reading two books,To tell the truth, "hacker social engineering portfolio," This book gave me the inspiration is still very large,After all, I am hacking techniques in this regard is an idiot Oh (I believe will soon catch up

So,Title of this article also stated that theOn theNot seeking comprehensive knowledge,But to no over wording,If the error appears on the knowledge of what,Kindly correct me,personal opinion,Not worth mentioning,Not authority,After dinner talkNothing more。

Routing recently been trying to,How about you? Route will finish in the fastest time"Social Psychology"(Light Industry Press) is also recommended that you have time to read

Other recommended books:"Psychology and Life"

Other,mine"Hacker social engineering attacks Portfolio"It is inLying Guoyunloudownload。

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          1. Thank you, But look at the content,I feel that it is a named magazine of social engineering,How does not look like a banned book。At all events, thank you very much,May I ask how did you find it?

  1. Hello there,It can be described in detail under "social engineering" (Light Industry Press) this book? (Author,Published date,ISBN No.,If there is a link to buy the better) online seems to have not found this book。

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