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GoAgentX subsequent maintenance and use

Shadowsocks author clowwindy tea recently and then emptied his entire project code。One week after goagent quietly clear out all of your project's code。Github is a massive DDOS attack。

inIt is time to use the PAC whitelistArticle I introduce an anti-gfwlist road white list PAC,It is different from the former GFWe[……]

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Mac OS

GoAgentX PAC failure solutions

If you have previously installed a GoagentX ,Then uninstall the,Then reinstall,Maybe you will find that even opened the PAC model,Also ran "global" status。

This,On ip138 can validate。

I try to use my own generated a variety of PAC,Results simply can't even get on the net😅

Then just see a message,This is the people[……]

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