Unified style questions about the translation

First, this translation is not an open source translation,According to the future income from donations,Members will be compensated (perhaps not

Secondly, as a contributor to translate your cool is a prerequisite。


basic rules

  • First you will get an author of this blog account,With this number in this blog post your translation,Translating chapters use the "Save Draft" feature continuously updated。- I can see you have saved draft,So I know what you are taking up the pit,How much translation。
  • Add code using the editor of the first row of the rightmost <> Push button,Swift is the default language,very convenient。
  • All codes must be among the original according to the original format into a code block indentation in,Code Contents not translated,Code comments temporarily Translation。
  • Period positions do not change the original sentence in English,That kept the original sentence format。Because Translation,Comma on a random。
  • Do not change the format of the original text,That reference or references to,Italics Italics also,To brackets brackets。
  • The original gray font,That line of code within the block does not translate,But to ensure that all will appear in the correct location,Use inline option to add the code block within the same line of code block。
  • The original title of the corresponding gray Translation subheadings;Each chapter chapter name, please do not write in the name of the article written in the body of Kazakhstan。
  • Black is the title of the corresponding translation in three title。
  • Publish Article remember when selecting Swift classified under the category Ha-turn。
  • Also I do not understand the translation can refer to a translated version of the open source,But I personally recommend as far as possible from the original translation,I do not understand the message to me ~
  • The reason there is a line requirements,Because we want to avoid a similar problem of plagiarism。
  • Do not add a link in the original,Underline the linked content,Overall looks like this: Here is a link (here should link) Etc. The second fine when I turn to add unity,Bracketed word in order to facilitate the retrieval time。
  • Follow the traditional definition,We "Parameters" using a more formal and rigorous distinction between arguments: among them parameter Translated form parameters; argument The actual parameters;

General Syntax

Although I eventually Proofreading and proofreading,But still hope that we can in accordance with certain standards for translation,Currently I can think of are the following:

  • Constructor:According to its original name,Initialization is more appropriate to use some of,Noun form of the corresponding initialization
  • Optional type:The problem with such optional provisions,optional optional ; The plural form was optional,As an adjective when we translated as "option a" so,Adaptable to specific situations
  • Options unpacked、Unseal:We use to describe Expand
  • Nested types: We speak inline type,The method corresponds to what is nested inline。
  • Access control:Access we talk about access, Access control。All Access is the text rather than access privileges。
  • Attributes:characteristic
  • on collection and set ,Both are set,We generally believe that the former is a collection of,In order to distinguish,The latter is called Collection。
  • translated as self-contained independent
  • delegate agency - we translated as "trust" that is easier to understand and better organization Vocabulary。
  • Store Properties translated Storage Properties,In line with the traditional habit of Engineering。
  • adopted adoption translated,conform was followed;
  • type Annotation type annotation translated

Other Buyer No,Besides experiencing ~?

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