FATAL ERROR : No Free Memory for XSDT

I useMacBook Pro ,Therefore, the use of online banking is very convenient,Or use a virtual machine to install a XP occasionally used to pay for online shopping。

Later, the more we use the more xp really bloated,Later also to consider long-term,Or from the Wei Feng, broke a streamlined Win7 stuffed inside the PD,The Win7 Professional Edition,I do not know install flagship I have not encountered this problem ah,Is activated when the card

Parallels Desktop 7 : No Free Memory for XSDT

Here,Click the keyboard needs to continue to boot。Upon inspection,Probably explained below:

Your virtual machine installed system does not support function WAET,This function is analog functions ACPI perimeter list,It can help optimize the Windows virtual machine。

For now,We can only wait for the update。

Temporary solution to the problems fromHere(Source connection diagram hung up,I make up a map at the end of the article):

  1. You PD opening the corresponding virtual machine virtual operating system settings page
  2. Opening the Hardware tab
  3. Click on the left side of the boot sequence
  4. On the right side below the guide marks the blank, enter the following line and save to disable this feature。
  5. kernel.waet.enable = 0

After the start will be able to successfully open up。


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  1. @skndmx

    You are not directly on this page will kernel.waet.enable = 0 copy and paste past?

    You first copy and paste it into Notepad,Then copy the notepad and paste it onto pd8

    Because the format will be copied directly from this page

  2. Hello there,That link Figure hung up,You can say details,I also parallels 8 The win 7, With a win 7 activation but not activated successfully,And the emergence of fatal error no free memory for XSDT。 Solving, Thank you

    1. You may first have to install a new win7 see is not active because of problems caused by such a change ...... then activator,I use win7 activation time is normal,It is not just a key Taobao good,Well a few bucks,I'm busy,Go back at night and then check the links on the Ha ~,Or you install win8?

  3. parellels8 installed win 7,This added a command or always appear fatal error no free memory for XSDT。。I do not know how else。。。Please help me ~~~

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