Linux ubuntu Gnome 3 Beautiful pictures!

Hehe,Yesterday hard all night,Days are bright to sleep,Finally gave out on the gnome3,Find,Really good ...... hey than unity

Do not say,On the map,Although there are some small details not quite perfect,But, overall,,not bad!

This shell is slightly screenshot,Left "active" in the full menu instead of g2,(Okay, I admit some chaos ......),Right by the switch ah what,Here there is no talk about G3 shutdown options,I heard that officials hope to promote hangs ...... but,Hold down the alt suspend becomes shutdown。

These two processes is[……]

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About reload windows7 cover grub2 rehabilitation program

Your computer is not installedlinux + windows dual system? Debian linux is not your family? 7 is not a win?
Reinstall win7,Overwrite the grub2? win7 can not grub4dos? Unable to boot linux? New,perfect,Favorite linux only heavy equipment?
Do not! You are lucky,Perhaps before you have to do,But you see my article,You do not need it! Farewell reload,Like with windows7 boot linux,Repair off grub2,This,It's that[……]

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Google launched a free public DNS server

Andy build thisBlogSome days,Mmm。

It has been good,Downside is that the speed is not fast,Probably with a small local network-related security here,Friends did not happen。

Until yesterday,We have problems,Andy is the site not open ...... ...... Could it be that decisive contact customer serviceOverseas HostIsblockThe? !

Results desperation people came to give Andy a big shot ...... weighs,everything is normal。

Andy will use the point means (hey we all know will not say) can be found on the ah,Then ask a friend,Also on,I had no choice,for[……]

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