In OS X Perfect uninstaller .pkg installation package that discussion

Use pkg-list feature to view all packages currently installed pkg

All to known,In OS X,There are two kinds of software installation package,One is all the;another,It is to install more trouble.pkg.

As long as the majority of the former, then dragged "application"The can be used normally,Belongs to us often say "green software”,While the latter,You'll need to double-click,start upinstallerInstall,But also you need to enter a password to give permission,Of course,There are many such applications,Need[……]

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About mbp in Paralles Desktop mouse to play fps games fluttering solution

I use on a Macparalles desktop 8,PT is mainly used to run some of what the software is not compatible with OS X,Of course, occasionally you want a game,And roommate playing Half-Life。

But then we found that these download all play a bad game fps,Of course not because the configuration is not enough,TouchesMouse running around,No control!

At first I thought it was dx compatibility issues,For this reason I upgraded to[……]

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FATAL ERROR : No Free Memory for XSDT

I useMacBook Pro ,Therefore, the use of online banking is very convenient,Or use a virtual machine to install a XP occasionally used to pay for online shopping。

Later, the more we use the more xp really bloated,Later also to consider long-term,Or from the Wei Feng, broke a streamlined Win7 stuffed inside the PD,The Win7 Professional Edition,I do not know install flagship I have not encountered this problem ah,Is activated when the card


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Xcode 4.3 with NO GCC!?

Finally he again picked up the courage to "c programming",After installing xcode but found there were no gcc series stuff,,,depressed,Google's Internet,Have solutions


The solution is to Preferences > Downloads > Command Line Tools > Install


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How about the perfect bridge at mac-lion

There are a few days to start saying mbp,终于算是琢磨出一些门道来⋯⋯不过总的来说比windows好用不少哈哈,起码特效好看的多呀⋯⋯

Keke,I do not know by what means are used to bypass the win,Andy still prefer to build their own agents。of course,Is the use of a number of projects based on GAE。Agent-based software to build quite a few GAE,For example, it is knownwallp[……]

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About wallproxy appears Error code 502 error solution

About bypass the heavenly,I've used a lot of ways,Including a door or something,Later coincidence found a GAE project

Many people say that there are problems,Probably because the spread of the Internet is relatively older version of it,反正我是当时第一时间升级了新版的╮(╯▽╰)╭

Later set up multiple app encountered this problem,When the question was not really seen,Always I thought it was the reason the site ...... because over time you can see[……]

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