A bowl of life's most delicious fried rice with egg compilation tutorial

ReadKnow almost answer yes vote,Really make life the best to eat fried rice,Here I look at the catalog to record tutorials for everyone haha,Designed for those who will write the code does not cook brothers。


...... If you need a bowl of rice bean meal is what's remember to pick out the beans do not ask me why。Rice from the fridge must be agglomerated,Remember to start it will break up,Put the pot too late。

You need two eggs - also want to be more,Early break,Salt also put inside the Beat,After the salt will not need to。

This is enough,But if you have other plug-ins such as garlic, onions ah ah shrimp, ham,,Then you need to advance the download process Ha。

Material ready,It will move。


To compile fried rice,The whole process takes time limit,Automatic compilation process can not be interrupted without manual intervention for the full name,Optimistic about the opportunity to perform command:

All right,On the record here haha。Give you a happy New Year?

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          1. indeed,This is what I do emoji complement mapping,Suddenly lost and found directory does not recognize the ...... .............................. depressed I go under repair

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