Measuring body fat, thin, four different indicators Introduction

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At the beginning of a,Fat and lean on this argument is that there is no single standard,At that time are with the eyes - in fact,Until now visual method is still a time-tested approach:Fat? One does not see it coming!
but,Today, after a long time,Or the emergence of a variety of figures to reflect the human body through the health of algorithms,These algorithms have their own characteristics,Demand statistics are to be born - no way,Statistics when you can not say ...... this little fat,The thin little something ............
In short,Have a unified result,It must have a robust algorithm。Want to start fitness,Then you'd better be able to know how to understand their own body - after all,,If the mirror to see their bodies such things ...... XD
So,Light weight on the scale to see to judge whether or not their health,Has long been irresponsible is for their own performance。

Four common algorithm

usually,We are most familiar is probablyBMIThe,Its full name is called "Body mass index”;Of course, there is a good understanding ofWHRWHR”。
At last,There are two,one isBF%Fat Percentage,Calculation methodBFRCalled "Body fat rate”;Another isOBDCalled "The degree of obesity
Then,We have to explain this one by four different indicators。

1、BMI body mass index

This has been called the body mass index,Because its algorithm is derived from height and weight,This concept,It is from the mid-19th centuryLambert Adolf Jacques Kettlerput forward,This stock is a master,Generalist Belgium,What is generalist,That he is bothStatisticians,AlsoMathematiciansstill isastronomer
Come,Let us also look at the master contaminated atmosphere!

All right,We continue not digress,Algorithm for BMI it,Very simple,Is kilograms per square meter:
Where w is the weight,In kilograms
h is the height,In meters
This gives the result unit is kg / m
So,We can see by the formula,BMIActually not a good judge of whether a person is really obesity,Body fat because it does not join this variable,For example, if a professional athlete,hisBMIObese,In fact he was not obese,Overweight because muscle mass is too high Bale。But then,If you exclude this part of the special populations words,BMIIt still has the reference value。

Then,Digital has come to what is the point? According to the results calculated,Men and women have different indicators:

Screenshot 2014-10-02 7.46.46 PM

Screenshot 2014-10-02 7.48.29 PM


Table to the right is the relationship between China's "Chinese adults are overweight and obesity prevention and control guidelines" that the appropriate value of the body weight and waist circumference and related diseases

Wherein the means related diseaseshypertensiondiabetesHigh cholesterolAnd other abnormal clustering of risk factors。

Further reading


400px-Waist-hip_ratio.svg This is easy to understand,In fact, waist and hip ratio Bale,But there are also several key,such as,“Where is the waist?
Strictly speaking,Waist is your last rib and the iliac intermediate level perimeter,After your hip is the most warped legs together PP level measurement -
Of course,As long as the amount you actually waist finest and thickest on the PP value of a like amount。
then,The waist circumference divided by hip-hip ratio is the value obtained the。

Then,Such figures have come to what is the point?
Percentage of men should be0.9,The female was0.7(Standard adult oh)


This ratio is very high correlation with a number of major diseases,For example,,WHR of 0.9 among men with prostate cancer appears to be relatively less ahTesticular CancerGod horses ╮(╯▽╰)╭
Women do,in caseWHR0.7,It has the most perfect estrogen levels,It will be some degree of cardiovascular disease as well as diabetes awayOvarian Cancer
Of course,Due to inherent differences in body structure,It is likelyBMIThe same people haveDifferent WHR,this is normal。

One more thing……
1993,Teacher Dai (Devandro Singh) from the University of Texas at Austin proposed the concept and meaning of WHR as an attractiveness indicator,"Dai" that,WHR is relatively BWR,Better reflect the level of estrogen。(Note:BWR for the thoracolumbar ratio)
People say that men pay more attention to women's WHR oh ~
Other,Child's IQ and his mother have a certain correlation of WHR oh ~Further reading

3、BFR fat rate

Body fat body mass ratio accounted abbreviated as "Body fat rate”,That is your body fat percentage of body weight。For example, your weight is 70 kg and fat rate of 10%,That you have body fat 7 kg and 63 kg of non-fat composition(bone、muscle、Organs and Tissues、blood…)。

Body fat rate can provide a lot of reference information,But the percentage of body fat is not easy to calculate(You can not put people dissected,Cut the fat to weigh it?)
There are so fat fat machine use the principle of non-conductive,Calculate body fat rate,Accuracy can not say,But after all acceptable,(As a percentage of body fat whether up or down to the reference, then okay,But the specific numerical Well ......)
Yet another method,Utilizing the principle of fat is lighter than water,The man weighed into the pool can accurately calculate the body weight and body fat ratio,It is the most effective and safe method,But it requires great pains,Usually individuals are not easily measured,So,Body fat machine is acceptable ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Of course,By some algorithms,We can calculate the approximate percentage of body fat itself。Data needs only to your waistline and weight。

BFR=( (h x 0.74) – (the x 0.082) -n ) / the x 100%
Where h = waist,Centimeters;w = 体重 ,In kilograms;n is a parameter,Male 44.74,While women 34.89。

You can see that by the equation,If you do not dividing weight,So get your body fat weight is it! correct! Fat is not necessarily the better oh,A certain amount of body fat on some very important functions。Fat can maintain body temperature,As buffer and isolation of organs and tissues,And the body is the main form of energy storage。(This is why Hungry Hungry can be thin .................. but easy to rebound ~)

Since writing this article when I was a math idiot,so ...... I'm sorry BFR algorithms was I wrote a minus plus,Cause serious calculated BFR small,This is fixed。

Other,Calculating BMI index based on additional age and body fat rate method from Wikipedia:

% = Fat (1.2 x BMI) + (0.23 x Age) – 5.4 – (10.8 x Gender)

Where gender is divided into 1 and 0,Men count 1;Women are considered 0.

The advantage of this formula is taken into account:

  • Men and women have equal BMI,The former body fat content 10% lower than the latter。

  • Even if the weight remains at the same level,With age,It has also increased the percentage of body fat。


Then,What is the significance of BFR get it? Refer to the table now!

Screenshot 2014-10-02 9.02.08 PM

Other,There is a "body fat percentage table" for your reference

Screenshot 2014-10-02 9.04.05 PM

4、OBD degree of obesity

To say nothing of the degree of obesity,Their body weight is to do comparison with the standard weight value obtained。It is calculated as follows
Obesity = actual body weight (kg) / ideal body weight (kg) × 100%.

Then,Weight standards (over) has come from? The algorithm is such that it:
Adult standard weight: Men = (-80 cm height) × 0.7 (kg) = F (-70 cm height) × 0.6 (kg)
Such,You can calculate your OBD according to formula,Then,And how to get the percentage value of the point?

Screenshot 2014-10-02 9.11.48 PM


Want Fitness,So above all, should be good to understand how your body,So as to have targeted exercise,Do not blindly motion,So you are more likely to hurt yourself Oh!
At last,Cow spent such a long time,Or usual, some extending into the read link below,Want to know more friends to see。
"Obesity is determined different indicators comparative analysis," Chen Yurong ,Sun Xiao ,Peng Li
The definition of obesity and judging method
BFR and BMI data can see what the body what state?


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